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  1. TheHumanStrobe

    CyanogenMod 10.1 Build R22 [02/10/14]

    Just got my Y300 last week and loving the upgrade from my ZTE blade. This ROM is by far the best I've tried - really stable in normal use and decent battery life if you're sensible (Airplane mode overnight etc) Massive problem I have had is restarting this rom - 3 times in the past week I've had to pull the battery (fell out once and failed to boot properly twice) After the battery pull and restart ALL apps are uninstalled and no trace left. All other system data (settings and messages/contacts) are preserved. Anyone had anything similar? and any advice on how to stop this? I usually just restore with TiBackup but I dont want to keep doing this. I'm using the CWM recovery. Thanks again to the Dev!
  2. TheHumanStrobe

    [Help] No ROM booting on OSF2

    Got this fixed today. Finally! For anyone else that's had a similar problem - I used the original orange TPT direct from ZTE http://wwwen.zte.com.cn/endata/mobile/UK/UK_SoftWare/201205/P020120518311756049474.zip Hope this might help.
  3. Had my SF2 since xmas after upgrading from the SF1 which I went from 2.2 all the way to 4.2.2 with various Roms - I would say I know what I'm doing. I was running FNC 6 fine until yesterday, in a nutshell: Memory card was corrupted Tried to upgrade to CM10 with new memory card There wasn't enough room for apps I used the Chris 231's TPT to increase system to 200mb, Cache 20mb and user to 220mb - All worked fine the new clockworkmod is cool Re-install CM10 Doesnt boot past the green droid - Even after 20-30 minutes. At this point I tried to re-TPT and try again - same results. Over the last day I have tried 5-6 different ROMs with the same result and 3 other TPTs with no change. I always check MD5 and ensured its been the correct Rom for SF2 Is my phone bricked? Any suggestion of what to try? Thanks, appreciate all the hard work the Devs have put in for these phones!
  4. think my question belongs here... Is it possible to change the colours when selecting an option in a menu? Either by a certain option on UOT or an actual code change somewhere in the ROM Been trying to get either a plain green (like Redflake's) or my own minimal monochrome theme sorted and its the one thing thats annoying me. (I'm on GSF b14 btw)
  5. Holding my breath to see if this works... testing now too. ... kitchen still full.

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