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    advent vega
  1. liam1984

    Vodafone 2.3.4

    thanks for help and info guess ill just wait for unbranded version to released!
  2. liam1984

    Vodafone 2.3.4

    Android 2.3.3 software number 1.35.401.1 yeah im with vodafone but got through phones 4 u! what does it mean if its unbranded does that mean no update? thanks for help!
  3. liam1984

    Vodafone 2.3.4

    yeah ive tried manually keeps saying no update for this phone!
  4. liam1984

    Vodafone 2.3.4

    has everyone had the update on vodafone coz i aint received it yet?
  5. Anker 1900 mah battery i bought one off amazon for bout £10 as soon as i got me sensation and i easily get a day of use thats with wifi on throughout day aswell!

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