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  1. Oh.. It looks strange right now. But no problem, you are the master ! ;)
  2. Hi Paul ! Thank you for your work ! I've one request : Can you make the battery % at the left of battery icon instead of right ?
  3. This ROM of what you speak is based on the Spica kernel RC12 which is based on V20q kernel... so, the ROM is a Custom V20o with a V20q kernel.
  4. Try this : +Go where your video is +Select "Send" (or something like this) +Select "Smartshare" +Choose the target and enjoy! [i'm french, sorry if terms that I have used was wrong!]
  5. Read again the second link and, if you are clever, you will be understand your mistake.. You have flashed the V20L baseband ...not the ROM itself
  6. Have you inserted a SIM card? Because this is also happened to me without SIM. When I inserted it, working again and uninserted it, didn't work again...
  7. Go on XDA, forums, o2x, themes and apps, and find LG get Ril. The app is downloadable if I remember
  8. LG French support says that the 2.3 is deployed in Holland and it will be for France in September for sure.
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