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  1. been on android boot screen for like 10-15 minute, gonna try a reflas reflash worked like a charm, great work!
  2. excellent work trip. been using A6 for about the last 20 hours without any system hangups or reboots. I like others of course have a few minor issues. One I noticed is that I purchased the $.10 game today "Apparatus" and installed fine, but when launching the game, the screen flickers between the game graphics and white screen. its flashing quite rapidly until i exit the game. i havent tried any other games to see if it happens on those as well, or if its just the game itself thats messed up. anyways, thanks for all the time and effort you are putting into this. my sensation and i thank you.
  3. I think the 210~mb is saved for the Adreno 220 GPU processing. and the 558 for cpu usage. I notice that after killing all tasks that i have about 150-200 mb free, leaving the 350-400mb(plus the other 210) being used at idle?
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