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  1. Hi, first of all, thanks for the great rom :) My girlfriend gave me her Blade 3 to fix (was extremely sluggish) and I installed this. Works great, way better than when it had the stock rom. I just have one question. With the stock rom, when you set an alarm and turn off the phone (or it auto turns off due to low battery), it auto turns on in the morning to wake you up. I was given feedback that this rom doesn't do this - the phone has to be on for the alarm to work. Is there a way around this? The phone owner valued that feature really very, very much indeed and she asks me to enable it again.
  2. a random fact coming up :) Currently in Malta it's 22 degrees Celsius and what you normally call a neighborhood here you call a city :D I have HTC ChaCha
  3. Hey guys I bought this headset (Nokia BH-214) and I love it but two problems came up... When I pair it with my HTC ChaCha all but the mic is working as it should. The problem is that it catches the voice using the in-build mic in the phone and not the one on the headset. I have the Media and Phone profiles enabled in the options. With the stock wired headset I have no problem with the mic. The second problem turned up when I was using it on my Windows 7 32bit laptop. At first everything was brilliant. Then I opened the sound settings, recording setting and enabled "Listen to this device" just so I test it. All other sounds stopped and i heard myself from the mic. But when I disabled the option nothing happened. Now it's permanently in that state. I can redirect the sound from the option to go to any speakers and stop it at will, but I can't disable it on the headset. I tried re-installing and upgrading my BT drivers, re-installing the sound card drivers - nothing helped. Now I can only use the mic on the PC and if I select to use the earphones, all sounds stop and I can hear only myself from the headset mic or any other mic that I may be using... I would really appreciate any help
  4. I got a new phone and I want to sell my Vodafone Smart, but I wanted to bring it to out-of-the-box condition first. I format the SD card but when I opt for "Factory data reset" in the "Privacy" settings the phone restarts and stays on the hourglass screen (I waited 30 minutes). If I try to enter the recovery menu holding he Volume Up + Power button the result is the same... Apart from that the phone works perfectly (when I remove the battery and start it normally after the hourglass screen). The phone is standard apart from being rooted with SuperOneClickv2.1.1-ShortFuse" and had the Clockwork Mod installed because I thought I'd install a custom ROM but I didn't do more because I got new phone. I uninstalled Clockwork Mod and unrooted the phone but it didn't made a difference (I've seen the stock recovery menu when I first got the phone, out of curiosity, so I thought Clockworks was a problem). What can I do to wipe/reset the phone?
  5. After all the support I get from the forum, now this great prize for being part of the community, amazing :) I entered using all 3 ways @hristom, how is the winner chosen by the judge, lottery?
  6. I have a strange problem... I rename the zip to update.zip and put it in the root folder of the SD card. I enter the Android system recovery menu and do the "Wipe data/factory reset". Everything ok till now, but next I choose "apply SDcard:update.zip" and I get an error: Verifying update package ... E:signature verification failed Installation aborted. Can you please tell me what can I do to go around this?
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