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  1. if its related to MDP version number as konstat said in his thread..we have 2 devices htc desire and nexus one with same gpu running the vsync..its software vsync though..
  2. was just going through forums on xda...devs on htc desire, htc google nexus one have vsync working..but they say its SW vsync.. our devs can check below in the following threads: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1946517&highlight=vsync http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1762790&highlight=vsync though i think our devs must already be knowing it if anything..but just in case if something can be useful can be used form there..as the gpu of both the devices is same as ours..adreno 200...
  3. im not a dev but can answer your question to some extent i guess: battery life of a rom basically on 2 factors ..build of rom itself and on ur usage as well overclocking,cpu governer, deep sleep mode of fone(read wakelocks), keeping wifi bluetooth gps enabled even wen not in use, freezing some of servvices, adding some lines to build.prop files,keeping brightness to automatic, are some of factors which determine ur battery life...i have had my fone drop by 15% battery in one full day on sleep mode..and with general usage by25%...PS..i dont use my fone for games.. someone add to my answer if im incorrect..
  4. i meant the rom on the mirror link 5-6 replies back...or say the latest release by burstlam.. if its working in cm10 as such then maybe konstat forgot to edit the first post of his thread.. but this rom feels smoother..yes
  5. does this rom have vsync working?? bcoz thats the only thing missing in konstat's rom wen talking about graphics acceleration...
  6. how do i go about installing a boot.img file?? cwm?? or?? EDIT:: nvm got it....squadzone did a blunder here...he removed most of the frequencies..so now..after 600mhz its 729 directly...and my fone van take max 710mhz that too on interactivex governer..its 691 on ondemand governer....switching back to his old kernel.. or can anyone tell me how to add new frequencies to the kernel??
  7. i just did a full wipe..and installed the rom again..now its showing in the market..i wasnt the build.prop which was the problem..i guiess i had frozen or uninstalled some app which was making it not appear in the market.. EDIT: $#!^ i did it again..i unisntalled some app..and skype is not showing in the market again...lol..though i have installed it.. market isnt detecting all the apps i have installed..any idea which app or service i uninstalled that is causing this????
  8. wen i search skype and viber in play store it does not show them...but wen i search it on play.google.com it shows them and wen i try to install them they both say incompatible with current device.......i used to run both the apps earlier..but they are not running now.. are there any build.prop tweaks or any particular version which i can install which will run on our blade im running latest nightly by targetbsp with squadzone's kernel..kindly help...
  9. happened to me too..read this and you'll be through.. http://www.modaco.com/topic/339048-guide-flashing-firmware-to-bladelibra-via-windows/
  10. nevermind i did a search and found a tpt to restore the CWM...now im gonna flash a rom again :))
  11. http://burgerz.pro/zte-blade/cm7/changelog/ this is the changelog...and undervolting doesnt give a noticable difference but it decreases the overclock by one frequency..atleast for me..try squadzones or sej's kernel..u'l get better or same battery life..id say just get the laltest nightly from cm site itself i.e. 20th april..and run it with squadzones kernel...
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