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  1. I rewrote friend Rom again .. and posted the "link" new ... Thanks for the great work you and many others are doing ... But I did not steal your Rom. I'm sorry for the inconvenience ...
  2. Friend do not want to create a dilemma about it, I'll write my work and then putting them back ... continue with your good work great ... I adimiro
  3. a look at my Rom that is totally different from yours ... I will does not take me wrong .... robei anything your not ... tweks, are my things and some more ... I am grateful to you for the keyboard and only ... a look at my Rom and see the difference ... it was not I who brought you out of xda ....
  4. work in the stock rom .... with 2.3.4 some work already done for me ... and developers otros .. -Work with Timescape ThemeManager and more Widget-music ... 2.3.4Keyboard ... functional contains: - New music player, FB2 and Home - Swipe Keyboard, - New widget added - All work Timescape new widget - Data Monitor - Gallery3D Transparent-stock:: D: Home-Transparent 40% (4.0.1.A.0.283) 7 ... Make a backup first ... I am not responsible for anything .. Rom VMCMS 2.3.4 http://www.mediafire...6u6ptv9dvbqph6p New video .... Home "new firmware 4.0.2.A.0.42. SystemUI the arc experiment with 6 buttons on the Statusbar widget. thanksrablex Improvements in battery .... Table2.3.4-res, - Alarm in landscape mode - Adjustments battery and speed - And other things I can not remember fixed a stuttering music .. - "Update 3" fully functional all bugs fixed ... http://www.mediafire...j73q8p5r7snfdf4 working hard to make the best ... Install ROM, "reboot" ... then install the hotfix. -Thanks .. My_Immorta- -TripNRaVer- -Blackwatch89, smurf-FB, Keyb, TS, etc.. -Doomlord / aZuZu Wolfbreak- Thanks to all developers, making it capable
  5. A single file with all bug fixed.: D ThemeManager working with Timescape And more music widget ... 2.3.4 Keyboard ... functional contains: - new music player, FB2 and Home - swipe keyboard, - new widgets added - new timescape widget everything working - data monitor - Gallery3D update; Fixed all try this now.: P: P Stocks transparent: http://www.mediafire.com/?a22xhpn2wh719vm Make a backup first ... I'm not responsible for anything .. flash fix for for layout in musicplayer and games&app thanks to IncubusUA: http://www.mediafire.com/?tgkzldtnd303sch tested in the stock ROM and the wolf ... working perfect for me. Thanks to "Blackwatch 89" "smurf" through the open doors ... New video ....
  6. No updates anymore Wait for trip Great because you do not mount its own ROM, based on what they already have?
  7. Where did you get the hotfix for Rom ...
  8. Is there a way to move 'Bravia Engine' of arc for your Rom ....
  9. Good job ... just wonder if there will be improvements in TripNArc Rom.

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