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  1. If you've saved flash partitions using dd on the phone, eg: dd bs=4096 if=/dev/mtd/mtd0 of=/sdcard/mtd0.dd then how are you supposed to restore them again? Is it as simple as: dd bs=4096 if=/sdcard/mtd0.dd of=/dev/mtd/mtd0 As I've not seen anyone use this method as yet, I'm reluctant to try (without some nudging!) in case I end up with a brick!
  2. Cheers mate. I take it there is no SD card you can get that's fast enough to reduce the lag to something not really noticeable?
  3. SuperOneClick 2.3.3 worked on my LMT with stock Telstra software. You have to reboot after applying it, to get the root. I'm guessing it used the Psneuter method, as that binary is left on the phone.
  4. What is GEN3? I've only ever heard of GEN1 and GEN2.
  5. What are the pros and cons with this vs link2sd? It would be great if OPs on threads about cool tools (such as this) actually said a few words about what they do, and how they compare to similar tools, particularly for the benefit of noobs.
  6. Thanks for that mate. That makes the fastboot in the recoveries work now, though you can't use it with the "devices" command (it just produces the help screen). So if you're writing a script that includes a "fastboot devices" to check that the LMT is attached, you still have to use the fastboot.exe in the SDK or ADT (which don't seem to need the "-i 0x0502" parameter). Good to know though, thanks again.
  7. Well, it ended up being fastboot.exe. Use the fastboot.exe that's in the Android SDK, or the one installed with the ADT, it works. All others I've tried so far, including those included in the popular recoveries, don't. However all adb.exe's (in any of the above) work. This seems very strange. Has no-one got an explanation?
  8. This seems strange, which could mean I'm being an absolute idiot. I have two LMTs here, one is completely stock, the other has T&L on. I have a netbook (Vista Home Basic) onto which the Acer drivers have been installed (from USB_Acer_1.0_A22F_LiquidMetal.zip, downloaded from Acer). ADB mode works fine for both phones. I can do "adb devices" and see either, and do all the normal adb stuff. However I can't get fastboot to work on either of them: 1) Both boot into fastboot mode ok (colour bars visible) 2) Both show "Processing commands" on the screen when then connected to the netbook 3) The netbook then shows the "ADB Interface\Acer Fastboot interface" driver in Device Manager, as (I assume) it should BUT: 4) fastboot.exe on the netbook can never communicate with them. For example "fastboot.exe devices" never shows a device. I've tried several versions of fastboot.exe, eg. as supplied with various popular recoveries, with no difference. I run fastbook from exactly the same command shell that adb works fine under. Can anyone give me a clue?
  9. Hi all, Long story short - I need to find a way to temporarily root a brand new LMT (stock software) without changing any flash partitions (so no recovery flashing, burning SU into system apps, etc). I did this easily on my old Huawei using Z4root, but that doesn't work on the LMT. Does anyone know a way? All the how-to's I've found require flashing a recovery.
  10. Great guide, worked fine for me, thank you. A question though: If you've followed the whole guide to install a custom ROM on your new phone, where do you start at again to try another one. Step 11? Does that clean out all the apps you'd installed?
  11. That's the one I chose, more at random than anything else. I've spotted a few issues but nothing show-stopping: 1) Battery calibration doesn't seem right - the quoted batter charge status plummets from 50 down to 20, then takes ages to go from 20 to 0. Maybe that'll fix itself over time. 2) I may have some touchscreen calibration issues. I seem to have to touch slightly higher than the target point, the further up the screen I go. 3) I had some wifi issues where it just wouldn't connect, then it started working again. I don't know why. It happened just after I installed the app pack. 4) Link2sd doesn't seem to work at all. It always fails to move the Dalvik cache for an app (claiming link already exists), and claims it's linked the actual app into my EXT2 partition, but later shows it as unlinked. And I'm down to 60MB free after installing the first few of my standard apps. Anyone else using link2sd with any success? Other than those I'm loving it - smooth and stable so far. From the comments here so far, I'm guessing it wouldn't be worth trying any of the others? At least until Acer release the kernel code anyway.
  12. Even better in Australia - £80 at JB Hifi. Locked to Telstra, but only until you put a custom ROM in.
  13. I just got a lovely new LMT and signed up, and I'm already mind boggled by the various options of ROMs available - there are obviously some clever people here! I couldn't find anything comparing and contrasting them, so I thought I'd start this thread. What's your favourite ROM and why? What do you think are the various merits and limitations of each, compared to the others, based on your knowledge and/or personal usage? For example in speed, stability and features. I guess this applies to the various leaked Acer ROMs, as well as the custom ROMs that sit on top of each.
  14. Does this mean there'll be a proper ROM cooked up for this, with overclocking, etc? If so, how long does that typically take, once the source is released? I've just got myself an LMT and started browsing here, it seems that one of the most active chefs is vache, who seems to have gone a bit quiet of late. Is there enough (motivated) expertese currently around to do it? Sorry if that's a stupid question. BTW I know someone in the UK who's buying one from Expansys, if someone tells me what they have to do, I'll ask if they'll make a copy of the ROM - I assume that's as good as the leaked ones people have been somehow getting?
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