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  1. oh. may be some simplier method. no app can do?
  2. Is there any way to turn off clock display at the upper right corner of the phone?
  3. Thanks but what is clockworkmod?
  4. I have I9100 & I9103 and inserted 8GB SD card in both phones. But I notice that the phones built-in memory already called itself SD card. The SD card I inserted called external_sd. So the programs installed and copied to SD card were only copied to phone memory. Titanium backup was also backup to phone memory. I don't understand how to use the real SD card "external_sd". Any advise please.
  5. Any method to extract all the sounds/ringtones/alarm from LG Optimus Black? Thanks
  6. I used the method mentioned in this thread ROOT Lg optimus Black(P970) and succeed.
  7. It's October now. Is the 2.3 update available?
  8. I only tried SuperOneClick 2.1.1. I don't know where to download 1.9.5.
  9. Just plug the USB cable and run PC suit
  10. Looks like no solution. I flash back the software to V10a and my phone can be rooted again.
  11. I update my phone software to LG-P970-V10b (V10a original) through LG PC Suite IV yesterday. After that, my phone cannot be rooted by Gingerbreak or Superoneclick. My phone is white but I think it is the same as black. Any method I can root my phone again? Thanks
  12. Installed Titanium Backup. But shall I only backup all user apps or backup all user apps + system data? Because the system will be upgraded, can the backup system data be restored? Thanks
  13. Today I ran the LG PC Suite and it said that there is software update for my P970. I wanted to update but afraid I will lost all my installed apps. How can I backup installed apps without install them again?
  14. Looks like there is 4.5GB for system. Much better than LG & HTC phones.
  15. The Galaxy S II comes with 16G. Is all 16G use for system or as usual 1G for system and the remaining 15G as storage? Thanks
  16. Go keyboard installed and the arrows key really good. Thanks
  17. Can you please tell me how to use G button gesture functions? Thanks
  18. When typing in LG Optimus White sometimes have typing mistake. I have to point to the wrong character(s) for correction. But usually it was difficult to point to the correct place. Sometimes I wanted to select a few word but I don't know how to do it. Anyone can tell me if there are any up, down, left, right & select key please? Thanks
  19. The LG Optimus White has ascending ringtone when receive incoming call. I just want the original sound level. How to disable the ascending ringtone? Thanks
  20. Thanks, will turn off mine too.
  21. I rooted my P970 white using Gingerbreak smoothly. Can I turn off USB debug after rooted?
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