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    New SD Card

    I was wondering this too. Slightly OT the manual says the vega comes with... "Micro SD card (already inserted into your tablet computer) SD Card Adapter" I've also read "The Advent Vega takes a microSD card of up to 32GB as well as having an SD slot, which comes with a 4GB card straight out of the box" This doesn't quite ring true to me. Am I right in thinking it only has one SD slot which is a full size SD card but they just happen to provide the Vega with a micro SD card and an adapter to suit? Would much appreciate it if someone could clarify this. Thanks Al
  2. Been monitoring this thread a few days now. Just called PC World in Pontypridd and was told it's being released tomorrow
  3. Ordered mine from expansys at 13:00 Friday, arrived 09:00 Saturday morning. First thoughts are that it's a nice little phone. Wanted it primarily as a "pub phone" so I could leave my touch dual safely at home of an evening and I'm sure it will fill that criteria perfectly. I have been using it all day today to just run it through it's paces and battery is almost gone but I have been running activesync all day via GPRS to connect to my exchange server. That is where I have been having problems. I don't know whether it is an issue with Orange at the moment or whether there is a problem with the phone but the push email works fine for about half an hour then it dies. Manual sync-ing results in an error and the only way to get it up and running is to turn the phone off and reboot whereupon it works for a while again then dies. Also after not receiving any SMS messages for a few hours last night I turned it off and on again and a load came through at once. As I said, it may not be a problem with the phone, it may be that Orange are up to their tricks but I will try it for a few more days to see if it is rectified otherwise it'll be going back. WiFi works no problem, screen is small but nice. I don't find it any slower than my old E650. Minor quibbles. There is no flashing LED to show the phone is on. It has an LED at the top right which flashed red when a call is missed and another to the left of the screen which flashes when an SMS or email is received. Some people may like this feature, I personally don't it's probably some compulsive disorder but I keep hitting a key to make sure it hasn't frozen or something It comes with a piece of software called Speech Commander which I can't get to initiate with my handsfree kit in the car. Whether it is supposed to or not I'm not entirely sure but I'll have more time to give it a try tonight hopefully. Keys are nice and responsive but the soft keys are recessed slightly compared to those around them and I can sometimes find myself hitting the Call and End buttons instead. All in all it is a good enough phone to enable me to give the E650 that I was using as a spare to the missus. It's less of a brick than that one and I never used the keyboard anyway so the smaller form factor of the E72 is very much the going out phone I've been waiting for to compliment the Touch Dual for business purposes. If it does have to go back because of the sync problems I will definitely want another to replace it.... unless other are experiencing the same difficulties. I would be interested to know if anyone else is experiencing problems with activesynch over the ether or SMS messages not coming through. Cheers, Al
  4. Hello All, I hope you can help. I've been using my new Orange Touch Dual for about a week now and am very happy with the device in the main but have a few issues primarily with the devices volume. The notification and ring volumes, despite being set as loud as possible are very, very quiet. Even out of my pocket, on a table a few feet away and any background noise drowns out any notification alerts. I have hacked the registry at "HkeyCurrentUser / Control Panel / Sound Catagories / Ring" and increased the ring volume from 5 to 7 (out of curiosity, does anyone know what the max value for this string is?) and this seems to help a little but it is still very quiet and resets to 5 every now and again. I have also found the strings for notification volumes such as new email and text alerts but couldn't find a string to increase volume. I have tried to add an initVOL string and put a volume level in but I will admit I really don't have a clue if this will do anything and am afraid to tinker too much in case I brick the thing. Playing an mp3 over the speaker gives a perfectly adequate volume, this only seems to apply to notifications (and yes the volume silder is up full for both phone and system :-). I've done some searching on the net but can't come up with anything other than the aforementioned registry hack. If anyone could give me some tips or advice on how to improve things it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Al
  5. Thanks Martin, I'll be sure to give it a try that way. I would have thought I'd be able to use the Orange Wap dialup as I'm trying to access my Orange email pop3 account but then again I guess that would have been too simple :wink: Alun
  6. Thanks for the reply. I have all my connections set up. I change the connection details for internet and wap to Orange CSD WAP. When I try to send and receive email I get an icon --> <-- above the signal strength bar where the G icon would normally appear. But then I get the following message. "Unable to connect to the incomming mail server. Verify the server is correct & then try again". The email account settings work fine over GPRS. Any further help would be welcome. Thanks Alun
  7. Hello all, posted this on te Microsoft NG but no response, any help would be much appreciated... even if it's "It can't be done". Thanks Alun If I am somewhere that has no GPRS signal is it possible to configure the smartphone (E200) to send and receive emails using it's inbox without connecting to GPRS? i.e. can you use a WAP dialup number or something as opposed to the GPRS connection. Will I be able to configure this for overseas use ie prefixing the dialup number with +44 from outside of the UK. Any help and or instructions on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Alun
  8. Thanks Richie, The main reason I want to revert is because I'm having problems with the phone doing what I can only presume is a soft reset. Every now and again the phone reverts to the imate home screen and I have to manually nput all my orange gprs settings again but all my files are still intact. I was hoping this would cure it. Thanks for the advice. Al
  9. I have the original SPV which I've updated with the imate rom. I have just tried to install the Orange update and get the following message... "Your SPV model must be spv and beyond. Please check the vendor web site and download a compatible the Orange SPV software update." Does anyone know a way around this? I was wondering if the best way was to re-install the original orange rom and then install the update. If so anyone know where I can get the old rom from? Thanks Al
  10. Thanks Crafty. Much appreciated. Al
  11. Hi there all. I've recently upgraded my Orange SPV with the Imate rom and it's working like a dream. Unfortunately whilst I remembered to take note of all my wap / gprs/ mms setting, i forgot to keep a note of my favourites. Does anyone have the full http//orange.multimedia..... address for connection to the orange portal cos I've kinda got used to it and like having it around? But while we're at it, can anyone suggest a better home page? I use it to find footy and rugby scores, occasional train times, tv listings and the like. Your advce an help would be greatly received. Al
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