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  1. SORTED NOW The guy who borrowed it last remembered the code exactly. Thanks anyway. Ashley or any other Mod, please feel free to delete this thread.
  2. Hi All, Been away from Android for a few years now, since I've been rockin Nokia and WP8. Still have my old G300 and a friend of my needs to use it. His house was burgled last night, and he's in a bad way. My problem is, that about 3 months ago someone else borrowed the G300, and they left their unlock pattern on the phone. That person is now back in the States and I doubt he even remembers the pattern. Clockwork Mod is installed, so I can boot into recovery. But, what's my next step? Will "wipe data/factory reset" do it and if so, do I lose the current rom? Thanks for any help you can give. All the best, Bill
  3. Yeah, I just found that out a few days ago. What I heard was, you can only rollback if you have Nokia device. You must use a pc to do it, with Nokia Software Tool installed (not sure that's the correct name though) Regarding battery drain on WP8.1 DVP, I just read this today. http://allaboutwindowsphone.com/features/item/19770_Charting_the_hill_that_Windows.php This guy claims a million people are effected. Even if he's half right, that is a lot. I didn't read every detail of the article, but it seems its an OS issue. All the best, Bill
  4. I think US has the proper release now, but Europe and UK are to get it in July. I am looking forward to it :) But, I'm a bit concerned about the Dev release cause I've read numerous stories of abnormal battery drain, after loading it. The thing is: once you've installed the Dev version, you can't go backwards (back to 8.0)...
  5. Hi Ash, Sorry for the late reply. Hardly get on here these days. Just to answer your question. No I don't need to change core tile colours, but I'd like to. Mainly, for quick identification. Yes, the icons themselves do differentiate, but colour association is much more intuitive. Think: traffic lights. Like, if we only had text to read, instead of colour association, our reaction times would be much slower. As a side note, I'd like to see MS suggest a colour theme for the daily Bing wallpapers. Or, even have it change automatically, with the option to override. So, the core tile colour theme would accent the Bing wallpaper, daily. I like the idea of matching colour schemes, so much that I do this manually every day. But, that's just me. I am keenly aware that all this colour customisation could actually end up in a proper mess, but I'd still like the option to try stuff...
  6. Deya, I'm exactly the opposite. I was running a Win8 launcher for months, on my android before jumping to a Lumia 720. :) Obviously, I like the interface, but I would like more customization, as well. For instance, the ability to change tile colours on the core apps, which can only happen if Microsoft enables it. I'm hoping that the next big update might address this issue. We can live in hope. Maybe you need to give it more time to grow on you? Until then you can try this: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/store/app/bbconcept/cf7b67ad-3f50-484a-8647-f7b5bde2eb71 I can't remember what it does exactly, but it does look like android (it might be a lock screen app?) Sorry I can't remember, but it might be worth a look for you. And have you tried any of these? In my opinion they're not great. I have tried them all and then uninstalled them, but they may help you. http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/store/app/wp-themes/53f3c11d-4692-440a-b95f-289a654afa06 http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/store/app/shortcuts4all/b9962e9a-7435-4e01-8552-e2374a78bdfd http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/store/app/skinery-themes/0c413983-24b5-42cb-8408-56f5b1422eed (please note: all the links are to the UK store) All the best PS: If you've haven't seen them, these sites are good places to hear about new stuff: This is a really good one, and has a really good forum as well http://www.wpcentral.com/ This one throws up a warning, in Chrome, about script from unauthenticated sources. Probably best not to click the links on the side. BUT, there is stuff in here that I don't see anywhere else. http://wmpoweruser.com/
  7. Yeah Ash, that's it. I've fixed it now, but can't exactly remember what I did. I "think", I wiped them all, and then found an option in WP8 that enabled In't codes (not sure where?) and then I booted up the G300 (Android) and used Transfer My Data again. Anyway, now all my contacts, whether US or UK all appear with the In't code/format
  8. wow... I bought a Lumia 720 over a month ago, after having a G300. I then emailed Co-pilot to see if I could use the same maps (UK & US). They replied that the programme doesn't work cross platforms. So, I bought the extra Nokia Here add-on when it finally came out. I really like the Nokia interface much better, but there's one big flaw: you can't alter the route, at all. What app did you download? And did you use the same log in, as when you were on android? Thanks, Bill
  9. this interests me from the audio side. For proper bass, you need space. Phones really can't supply that. So the idea to split the audio this way, sounds (no pun intended) interesting. (this allows the BT/NFC speaker to be dedicated to bass, alone)
  10. exactly what I think, on both accounts. Great OS, but it really should be more versatile. One thing on our side is that MS & Nokia seem to be committed to refining/updating their stuff, unlike back on planet android. :P
  11. Sorry for the fuss, lads. To be honest, it is coming from a windows focused website, and they could be leaving things out; either due to ignorance or just to say something bad about the competition ...
  12. Since I've been living in WP8 land, I came across this, and thought it would be good for people to know. If it ain't true, please accept my apologies. If it is, here's hoping the devs on here can patch this on the all custom roms that on the forum. http://www.neowin.net/news/major-security-flaw-found-in-android-code-oems-working-on-a-fix
  13. On the windowscentral forum I saw someone mention that you could do this via a PC. Just wondering if anyone on here has done this, or knows if it's not possible? I always thought you could only save: photos, music, videos, and docs to the SD card in WP8. Thanks sorry, you can't do this, at the moment. Should've googled it first :P
  14. Hi, Can you change the colour of individual tiles on the home screen? Funny thing is, I was using Launcher 8 on android, before moving to Win8. Launcher 8 basically made the android home page and app drawer look like the real thing, but you could change the colour on each tile...
  15. Hi, Hoping someone can help. I'm an American living in the UK, therefore I have contacts for both countries in the People app. Is it possible to alter the number format to match the country, in the corresponding contact files? I bluetoothed my contacts from android with the Transfer My Data app and they all seem to be in the US format, now. So, if I can't change each contact, how can I make all the contacts appear in the UK format? Seeing that the majority of my contacts are in the UK. Thanks loads
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