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  1. I think your problem is that there are so many choices, it becomes confusing. Here is one method of installing Vegacomb 3.2 Build 9n Update 3. 1. Download the modded stock ROM to your PC. 2. Download Vegacomb 3.2 build 9n to your Vega tablet. 3. Download update 3 to your Vega tablet. 4. Make sure your tablet is fully charged. Then connect it to your PC (Laptop) with the supplied USB cable. 5. Follow the 'full software update' instructions from the download section at www.myadventvega.com. You don't actually need to download the latest recovery image, use the modded stock ROM image instead. 6. Fire up your Vega once you've installed the modded stock ROM, set the language, accept the licence, and set the timezone. 7. When the normal home screen appears, press the apps button and start up the recovery app. 8. The tablet will reboot into CWM 'recovery' mode. Be Patient, it make take a minute or so. 9. Using the volume switches, highlight "install zip from sdcard" and press the power button. 10 On the next screen, highlight "choose zip from sdcard", and press the power button. 11 On the next screen, highlight the 'download' folder, and press the power button. 12. On the next screen, highlight 'Vegacomb_HC3.2_Build9n.zip' and press the power button. 13. On the next screen, highlight 'Yes' and press the power button. When the tablet informs you that it is 'all done', repeat steps 10 to 13, but choose the update3 zip file. 14. press the back button repeatedly until you see a menu begining 'reboot system now', and reboot by pressing the power button. Note: You will see a very bright screen warning you about being ripped off, followed by the word 'VEGACOMB' exploding, followed by the honeycomb bee. The honeycomb bee will seem to stick around for a long time on first boot. Note: Some people like to 'wipe stats' between installing the modded stock ROM and installing Vegacomb. Since installing the modded stock ROM wipes everything, I don't see the point. PS. Sorry this took several attempts to post due to my poor keyboard skills.
  2. Sounds like a bad install. I lose about 20% overnight, I don't have any problems with the market, and I don't have any problem with the clock. I'm using 9n with update 3.
  3. Given that there are no Vegas left to sell, and the Vega was one of the first Tegra2 tablets available, and that Kal-el (Tegra 3) tablets are just emerging, and that Newbe5 twittered some time ago that DSG had some interesting stuff coming up, I'd say No, the Kindle fire will not affect sales of the Vega if the Vega is no longer for sale.I don't thing it will affect sales of the Vega replacement either, because its in a different class. - I hope.
  4. If you mean that you can't open the Flashplayer app, that's normal. The flashplayeroperates from within other applications, such as the browser. If you can use the I player on the BBC website, then flashplayer is correctly installed.
  5. First of all, it's very important to ensure your Vega is properly charged and plugged in when you're doing this. Secondly, the memory in your Vega contains bad blocks, and some versions of Vegacomb may not install because there isn't room for all the bad block and Vegacomb. Vegacomb version 9 is smaller than previous versions. Try version 9n first, and if that doesn't work try version 9b. Version 9b partitions the memory so that a lot more of it is set aside for the Vegacomb ROM.
  6. You need to install the 'modded stock ROM first. you can download it here. You install the modded stock ROM by following the full software update instruction at Myadventvega
  7. Your Vega isn't hanging, it's not powering up. That's normally due to a flat battery, but if you're sure the battery is OK the only other thing I can think of is the USB connection is shorting out. If you disconnect it, and the battery is OK, but you can't get the screen to stay lit up, the only thing I can suggest is taking it back to PCW.
  8. Market works fine for me in build 9
  9. That's what would happen if your battery is flat. You're not able to check the battery status at the moment, so charge it up until the blue light below the back button stops flashing, then try again.
  10. lesd

    Advent Vega NAND

    You might want to read this before giving up on Vegacomb. Version 9 is out and it is mch smaller.
  11. Sorry, Duvee. I don't think I've understood your post correctly. A hot battery has a higher internal resistance, so if anything, the battery charge will be reported higher after it has cooled down. If you install 'Current Widget' from the market, you can tell whether the battery is being monitored or not. If current widgrt reports a battery current of 0mA, the battery current is not being monitored by the software. In a previous post, I've listed those ROMs I've checked, and Vegacomb is the only ROM which actually monitors the battery properly. If you have Vegacomb 3.2 build 7 or later and the current is not reported properly, then it isn't installed properly.
  12. lesd

    advent vega sleep

    There's a few apps available on the market. Search for 'screen lock' to find a variety, including 'Screen On which you can configure to only stay on for specific apps, such as your music player.
  13. I assume that your Vega was working OK before you installed the modded stock ROM. So, either your Vega broke while you were installing the ROM, or the modded stock ROM has installed properly. I think you need to make sure your Vega is OK by installing the Software update image from myadventvega. You need to make sure your Vega battery is charged, and have the power supply plugged in when you do it, but if you still have the same fault, you can take it back to PC world.
  14. AFAIR the agreement screen orients to the tablet. Have you tried turning it upside down, so the agreement button is on the other side of the physical screen? If that doesn't work try charging your Vega up and reinstalling moddedstock.
  15. A lot of people recommend using Vega Tools 4 for the modaco ROM.
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