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  1. is there some problem with the link for you as well? "page not found" for me
  2. followed your steps but adt says "bin file corrupted" :( already tryed twice, any suggest?
  3. hi fellas, vache's website seems down, could someone please upload the original bin file for the lastest acer version, i really need it but can't find it anywhere, thank you in advance
  4. So sad to hear that lens, thanks for everything you done for us, i'm in for a donation, but i think you wanna change device now and start playing with something else, i get it..that's a big pity cause you were so close, bad fortune..but don't abandon android for wp! :-P
  5. Ohh wtf stop asking annoying stupid question!
  6. maybe you are right..well try it's for free ;)
  7. lens i just asked help to a developer friend of mine about our situation, he told me to ask to this user on xda who is very good on kernel related issues, his username is franciscofranco, i would contact him by my self but i can't explain the situation, if you want try to ask him
  8. I read that jb needs lot of ram, I'd like first a full working ics, then we can focus on jb.. hopefully v sync and triple buffering will increase significantly speed on low specs devices too
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