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  1. Anybody ? Is Flash even supported in Vegacomb ? Need it to watch 4OD and Tv catchup etc.
  2. My vega is running vegacomb 3.2 vc3.2 build 9n update3 and i cannot find a flash player on the market and flash's own website says flash is not compatible with this device, but I see other people running flash ? what is the answer ?
  3. Cheers, will try that. tried downloading the modded stockrom earlier but norton kept deleting it as it says it was dangerous, not sure if this is just norton being over picky.
  4. Anybody ???? Not sure what to do with this now.
  5. just recharged my vega after being flat for a while, and now the date and time keep going back to 2009. also bluetooth wont turn on qnd the wifi is being a bit hit and miss. under device profile its saying baseband unknown as well. any ideas whats happened ?
  6. i have downloaded the filesonic file but it says its only 8bytes big and on the download page of filesonic it was 300 odd mb. what am i doing wrong ?
  7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ADVENT-VEGA-Tablet-PC-/110739906788?pt=UK_iPad_Tablets_eReaders&hash=item19c89ce0e4
  8. Just wondering if android (vegacomb 3.2) would need something similar to windows disc defragmenter and system cleaner used every now and again,or does it not require it ?
  9. Brilliant, that helped a lot, now running 3.2 V7. Thanks a lot.
  10. Im currently using modoco R8, is there a guide on how I would install the modded stock rom V2 and then vegacomb3.2 ?
  11. Ive downloaded navfree fine but when i go to download the uk map it keeps coming up with 'service is temporary unavailable,try later' ?
  12. I have R8 installed but am wanting to flash to the modded stock rom so i can try out vegacomb, but when i run the installer from my xp pc it says usb device not found. the vega makes the ping sound when connected to pc and stock drivers are installed. any ideas ?
  13. Hi It was R8, all ok now though , installed the stock rom and reinstalled R8
  14. yesterday ,i switched to usb host mode to try a 3g dongle and left it on host mode, switched vega off and now when I switch it on it's hanging on the booting..... screen. I have clockwork recovery installed, can i access this, and if so what do i do with it. or if not is it a case of installing the stock rom, where can I find this. What has caused this lock up ? just got the vega to how I wanted it as well !!!
  15. Same with me, i have the E1550, i have sent the modem the AT command using putty on my XP machine, the modem is flashing blue when in the vega, but when you go to select network it just stays on 'searching' with nothing found ?
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