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  1. I flashed the new version and the gen1 fix but I can´t get my phone to connect to my mobile network (device: ZTE racer (TMN softstone) network: TMN Portugal). flashed the preview room and I can connect normaly.
  2. instaled alpha 2 on my racer and now I can't activate wifi teathering, gives me error. Usb teathering works well.
  3. When I trie to enable wifi teathering the phone just reboot, even with other teathering software from playstore the result is the same, it reboot's
  4. For the audio issue you need to disable stagefight into build.prop to fix it. It is a bug in android 2.2
  5. I'm not an expert but I think your nand chip is corrupted because all bad blocks are from it. You can try to restore FTM mode and use official TMN software to restore the rom,then you can flash CWM again. But if I were you I wait a little bit for more opinions before restore FTM mode and install the original tmn software.
  6. I've you tried this one? http://www.modaco.com/topic/338697-ricky-22-romreuploaded-for-those-who-want/
  7. You are back!!!!!!!!! Now my racer is happy :) good to have you back Racerboy
  8. I have a racer from Portuguese TMN mobile network, but with all the 2.3 cyanogemod based rooms the is a problem with the mms, I solved changing the internet apn type from default, supl to supl only. The only issue is that if I want to receive MMS without internet connection when I reboot the phone I must disable and enable again the mobile data option. Is there a way to do this automatic when I reboot the phone? like a script or some thing else that runs at android start up? Thanks
  9. That was great if it can be done.
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