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  1. Hello, I just got a Nokia Lumia 520 and I wanted to know if there was a way to customize the desk screen in a cool way? I really dislike the tiles layout overall and I much prefered Android (my old phone) that I could customise at wish. I've downloaded the Wiztiles app (as well as Mytilemaker, Customtilesmaker...) and I can't get something nice. I've tried searching on Deviantart for ideas but I only found lockscreen images. Anyone got something fun? Thanks :)
  2. I have the same problem. Not overclocking and happens only when I open the gallery or other graphic stuff.
  3. Hi, Ok so I have a problem. My boyfriend gave me an Xperia X10 phone and it was rooted and everything, but... I factory reseted it because I couldn't delete his Gmail account (I know that was stupid but I did it :/). I then downloaded a MIUI Rom and installed it with the Zip file thanks to the XRecovery (when you press Delete at boot). I don't like the Rom very much but I decided to keep it until I realised I couldn't send nor receive SMS. The camera wasn't working either and I couldn't use apps such as Titanium because... My phone was NOT rooted!! :o Now I don't understand how that happened since I have the Superuser app installed and I can enter the Xrecovery mode. I've tried every single tutorial on the internet, downloaded SuperOneClick and Zergrush... It gets stuck at Daemon something... Seriously I don't know what to do because I don't even know in which situation I am (rooted? non rooted? half-rooted?). If someone could help me I'd be VERY glad... :/ Thanks
  4. you mean going back to Market? or an older version of Google Play?
  5. Hello, I live in France and there's a TV channel website that allows you to watch past series/movies/programs etc. BUT you MUST, and I want to emphasize MUST, watch the 60-second ads at the beginning of the video. There's no way you can skip the ad. If you change tabs, windows or even click on "Start" on Windows, the ad automatically pauses itself until you go back to the page where the ad is patiently waiting for you >< Is there a turn around? There must be something that indicates the browser that the window is not being "active". How can I trick it? I'm suspecting this kind of pratice will be more and more common, and I'm thinking of Youtube that already forces its users to watch the videos on Android (you cannot lock the screen). Thanks!
  6. yeah I did that but it won't let me attach it I use Wifi at home so I cannot untick it, but fore it's nnot searching spots because I deactivated that. I have been noticing a decrease in my battery as the time passed by. I remember at 1st I could lleave MSN on on my phone all night with 3G/E connexion and in the morning I still had battery. On the July 9th, it will be 1 year since I've had my phone. I first started with GSF9 then Moldovan, then GSF29 and now Snow.
  7. Yes now I can see the blue bars. I'm on mobile now how can I add a screenshot? Yes I waited for more than 1mn the phone is not on sleep mode :s I believe it's either the pedometer or whatsapp or facebook messenger (I dont have the facebook app, only the messaging app)
  8. hi, the phone is not in deep sleep when the screen turns of. if I press the home button for example, the screen switchs on and I can see the lock screen. is there a way to change that ? as to the battery graphs I only get the green lines with the percentage but not the graphics. I used to keep WiFi or Edge on all the time until recently with the massive battery drain, everytime I want to send a message through facebook or WhatsApp I have to turn on WiFi / data, write my message and turn it off immediately, wait 10mn for the person to answer and do the same thing again. if I let it on, I can literally watch the percentage go down :s its really annoying, I'm owning an android and eventually I'm not using all its capacity because of the battery . its like I'm using a random phone... :( I liked Gsf but someone recommended Swedish Snow to me . I think I'll go back to GSF ...
  9. no, how can I check that? I don't have that many apps, I keep uninstalling them because I run out of memory or they drain the battery. I heard the Swedish Snow was the best in terms of battery saving.
  10. I know that. Brightness is switched off (max lowest). How do I turn off wifi searching? I even wiped the Battery Stats on Clockwork Mode. Don't know what to do... :'( Would buying a new battery solve the problem? There are some on Ebay from China that cost 5$.. scam or they work fine?
  11. Hi, This is too depressing. I have to put my phone on flight mode to save battery. The other night I went to bed and the battery was at 65% and the alarm didn't wake me up because the phone ran out of battery during the night... Right now I'm writing and I lost 2% already... :( I'm using home Wifi and I am also on flight mode. Plus the charging cable doesn't work fine. I'm not using any fancy apps, only a few are running background but I use them: Whats App, Email, Go Sms, Touchpal Keyboard. Gsm uses 44% of battery. Im using Swedish Snow RLS7 what should I do? buy a new battery? Even with no internet it loses battery.... :(
  12. Hi, Here's my problem: the Youtube app updates itself to the latest version without even asking me, and I don't even see the downloading bar or anything. Like it changes the version magically O_o I had Youtube 2.2.16 and now I have Youtube 2.4 . Thanks God I had saved a previous version of the app through Titanium Pro (the only app I regret buying because the only function that interested me - Detach app from market - doesn't work anymore) so I restored it. Youtube goes back to 2.2... but the next day or a couple hours later.... here is the 2.4 again! :o Now, I don't want the 2.4 because the sounds stops when the screen is locked. So everytime I have to restore the app to its previous version. It's pretty annoying :( I checked my Play Store settings and I definitely didn't check the "update apps automatically". What can I do? :/
  13. thanks for trying to help me but it's my phone's dictionnary. I'm talking about the ones from Touchpal (a keyboard app). I wrote to the developer but still no answer. @Davidoff59 (I'm answering your other msg lol): that's the problem with this app, the dictionnary cannot be edited. :/
  14. I don't know how to use the ApkTool. Looks wayyyy too complicated for me. Too many stuff to install (ADB, SDK, WXYZ... just kidding about the last one), too many commands, to many file extractions (framework-res.apk) etc. I have the framework-res extracted though... I tried to download a ApkTool GUI and I don't even know how to get the thing working. When I click on "Decompress" a window opens and I'm supposed to know what to choose among all the files and documents from the computer. I tried to select the framework-res.apk though and nothing happened. Tried with another apk on my SD Card, nothing as well. I even tried with a random jpg picture just to see if the program was totally careless and nothing happened as well. So I came to the conclusion that either I was doing something wrong (missing some install files, some special config on my phone) OR that the ApkTool GUI I had downloaded was useless enough. Anyways, if some people have other solutions... or a solution to the ApkTool thing, I'd be very glad :)
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