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  1. Please try to fix the smart search feature in the dialler which performs a contact search when entering digits (detailed explanation some pages earlier in my post). Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi, in the former Infusion versions the dialler hat this great function that you can not only enter digits but it also interprets the characters on the keypad and makes a contact search. So when I would want to call e.g. Tillaz I just enter 8-4-5-5-... and then would be offered Tillaz contact to call. In B02 this does not work anymore, has anything changed in the dialler app? Can we get the old version as an add-on? I really love that function and I'm using it at the almost only way of initiating a call, would be great to get it back. Thanks Tillaz for the continuous work on this great ROM! Fabrizio
  3. I encounter the same (on latest version), without ans real pattern, the phone randomly reboots. This hasnt happened in the B01 version for a long time but then started to happen as often as it was used to in B926. It's not related to any activity but always happens when the phone is idle. I can see no relation to Bluetooth, wifi, or GPS. What could we test to find out the cause?
  4. This is how I do it as well. I purchased the Pro version of Titanium backup which allows batch restore without single confirmation of each app restore. Thus, updating the rom and restoring all apps is basically consisting of these steps only: 1) backup all user apps and data with Titanium 2) wipe and flash new rom (see specific instructions for the rom as well, of course!) 3) after new rom booted, set up Wifi and Google account 4) install Titanium from market 5) batch restore all user apps and data (leave out the system apps and settings, though, I have made bad experiences e.g. with restoring wifi networks which renders the wifi unusable) Just did it again two days ago and it took less than an hour while I was watching TV. Usually I do a nandroid backup in CWM as a step 1a to be able to revert quickly if anything goes very wrong.
  5. Thanks for the clarification! I now (finally) installed the B03 version from the OP. Works well so far, I will again post any findings or recommendations. I'm really happy about the progress and about having a stable ICS now on my phone! BTW, bought you a beer via PayPal, thanks again for all your efforts and contributions to all of us here!
  6. I think I have the latest version but also get the mentioned error about the mismatch. The patch you mention tillaz, should I see it? Think I'm missing something... This is my version : Thanks!
  7. Hi tillaz, I have been a little reluctant to install the earlier beta but two days ago I flashed the B934 based beta and I'm completely happy with it so far! I didn't have any random reboots yet which was the biggest pain with all ICS roms until now. I like the power buttons in the notification area! I would second a post from the last page and ask for a 2g/3g toggle button if possible as I am used to switch off 3g in areas with weak coverage and also to safe some juice when being on the road. Besides that I can hardly find anything missing! Great job, thank you very much!
  8. - open dialler - press the menu button, press Settings - press Voicemail settings and enter your voicemail number in the dialogue. Does this work for you?
  9. Same here, I sadly had to go back to B927, Infusion is just not usable in daily life yet. I have exactly same issues as you. I am also very confident that tillaz will solve that I will of course flash the next version of Infusion again to test, give feedback and hopefully stay with it!
  10. I once had Wifi issues after restoring the APs from a Titanium Backup. Have you done anything in that direction?
  11. I can second that. On B927 I had random reboots, too, but it felt much more responsive, less laggy and no forced close or stalled apps. With Infusion the random reboots are not more frequent but I encounter these other mentioned problems. I feel that limiting the background processes to four improved the situation a bit but still the system feels like totally overloaded. Apps making most problems here are: Chrome (unusable), Stock browser, Facebook, Endomondo. In my naive view I can see three potential sources: - Storage: apps heavily storing and reading to the SD card or internal memory suffer most - GUI: something is less efficient than on B927 and causes UI intensive apps to lag or stall - Memory consumption: a problem in the memory management forces apps to "swap" or work with too less memory All these are only assumptions, maybe tillaz you can best see where there are differences between your ROM and B927 to narrow down the root cause? Thanks for all your efforts. If there is something I can test to help solving this let me know! Fabrizio
  12. If course I did that as proposed but this does not solve the problem. Any more hints are welcome!
  13. I have the same issues! Sometimes it works, then stops being responsive, cannot even answer a call then for seconds. I really hope for a remedy, too!
  14. Yes it does. :-) But you can also do this on the stock rom once it is rooted. You need to edit the build.prop file e.g. with the ROM Toolbox App or any text editor. I don't know the name of the property to change by heart but I can look it up.
  15. Hi tillaz, I wiped and flashed, set up my Google account, restored a bunch of apps with Titanium backup and are back on normal use of the phone. Works great so far, I really like the cleaned up ROM without built-in apps! Here are some findings: - In the About phone menu, the build number shows B000000, I guess it should be something like B240712? - Installation of non-market apps activated by default, despite that I always allow it anyway the more secure default would be to have it unchecked - the Circular Battery indicator is only displayed while discharging or when fully charged, while charging you only see the standard battery icon. Would be nice to have the circular indicator here, too, as you can see the status then. One thing is a little frightening, though: you do not have a superuser app included, any app gets root access without asking for it. I was very surprised after installation of Titanium backup that it did not ask me to become root! I have manually installed Superuser (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.noshufou.android.su) and updated the su binary to close that security hole. This really needs to be fixed in the ROM, I believe. Thanks again for your work! Fabrizio

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