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  1. clean install and works great except when i go to the market and choose an app it says downloading but doesn't progress from there any ideas ? Sean
  2. hi guys i have the same problem and i also have a signal ive managed to connect my dongle to my vega and it seeit it but now have no idea how to get it to connect to the web !!! its a pay as you go dongle and i cant figure out the last part can anyone shed light on the final settings ? thanks Sean
  3. Many thanks ive read the thread and tried everything on there but still no luck perhaps im missing something :blink: sean
  4. Hi all im totaly new to this site and to the vega which ive had for 2 weeks now ive managed to install the R8 mod from the online kitchen but im still having problems trying to get my vodafone mobile internet dongle to work its the Hsupa modem.Ive tried to go into the device manager to disable the auto exe but even though i can locate the dongle i cannot find how to stop it starting up in cdrom mode !!! could anybody help with this problem. thanks Sean
  5. Many thanks for this im a newbie that was struggling to ad a new rom but your Audi installer helped me loads and im using windows 7 64bit many thanks Sean
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