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  1. Anyone can help me please? I have a 220 mb system partition so i have low space for apps...Is there any way to resolve this issue?
  2. Hi is there any way to flash a TPT with a broken volume up button?
  3. Incall volume is good for me now! But thats because i always had low volume. Can you tell what changes have you made to bost the sound so i can change it again in the next releases?
  4. Wifi is eating my battery really fast! 20 % in one hour. Even when the screen was off my battery went from 60% to 0% in 5 hours while i was sleeping. Also the battery drains fast when the screen is on even if i'am not doing anything else and the brightness is set to minimum. But when the phone is in deep sleep it actually drains less than gingerbread.
  5. Sorry, i forgot to change it in the 1st post, i actually meant 315 but it doesn't make any difference in the final result anyway. When you flash a new Rom you need to sync with google to have your contacts back. Every time you sync contacts with google account the photo size will be reverted to 96x96px. Thats because google wont let have contact pictures bigger than that in their servers. The contacts app must be able to crop the photos with at least 250x250px size otherwise the image wont have the proper quality to use with the modded phone.apk as i said in the 1st post.
  6. You are right, there are some differences. Im working on CM7 dialer and ZTE dialer right now. Here is what ive changed in stock dialer to increase the croping size to 320x320px In "AttachImage.smali": .line 131 and .line 132: const/16 v21, 0x60 --> changed to const/16 v21, 0x13b In "EditContactActivity.smali": .method public static getPhotoPickIntent()Landroid/content/Intent; .locals 5 .prologue const/16 v4, 0x60 --> changed to const/16 v4, 0x13B Note: The code may vary according to the version of contacts.apk used If you apply these changes to any other contacts.apk please post the results!!
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