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  1. That's my favourite too as well as long pressing back for recents. Pretty sure that's how Android devices used to be, not sure why they changed it, probably due to Apple.
  2. I would be a fan but I pre-ordered a Vowney and have had absolutely no information or confirmation when I'll be getting it and that's from one of the resellers on their site, their customer service is absolutely dreadful.
  3. LOL good luck with that, the result will be the same as the KitKat query, sweet FA. They're done with this device and have moved onto Hudl 2
  4. KitKat is why, it's much more optimised for devices with lower memory (i.e. 1GB or less), Hudl is running Jelly Bean which doesn't have that optimisation. Apparently we're not gonna get KitKat either so there's probably not much you can do about it.
  5. No Probs, glad it worked ;) As I said, I always forget to do that and get really annoyed then proceed to kicking myself :) You might want to carry on and try xposed framework with some nice plugins, Opens up the functionality a bit since there's no real custom roms about for the Hudl and it works fine. GravityBox would be my first recommendation for a module too, it's got a lot of nice tweaks that you usually find in custom roms.
  6. Kingo Root Works fine, I always find I need to change my Hudl's adb mode to pics instead of files to get it recognised properly, then it works as it should. I always forget that step and get really frustrated.
  7. Just to let you know mine is rooted and I have xposed framework installed on it and was still offered the update so you should get it some time this week.
  8. Couldn't tell you to be honest, I've not really been getting the problems people described, seems smooth enough but you can still tell it's crying out for KitKat which makes this even more annoying : That was back in January, why is there a dev copy of 4.4 running on a Hudl and we've got nothing, not sure I would entertain buying the Hudl 2 if this is how Tesco are gonna treat their users, the same as any other random Chinese manufacturer. Just to prove it, I cleaned up the bit where he show the settings screen : Hopefully that's some kind of rom from FreakTab that'll end up being released.
  9. Just got the update today :) It comes up with the new Google enforced "Powered by Android" text at the bootup. Gonna have a look at how it performs now, still not sure why they couldn't have released 4.4 when there's a build out there running on a Hudl. Here's the screenshot for the version info: ..and here's the new touch screen fix "app" in settings>display
  10. No update being offered here either after going back to stock and rooting (None offered before root either)
  11. Please title your posts like this as a question. If you don't it's basically trolling.
  12. You might be able to get the effect you want by remoting onto a pc using the tablet and running the exe on the pc? I would recommend Teamviewer : PC: http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamviewer.teamviewer.market.mobile
  13. No. Android is linux, .exe files are x86. It's a completely different architecture and won't even be recognised as an executable file.
  14. I haven't actually tried it cos I don't need to install that much to be honest but it's worked in phones I've had in the past so I see no reason why it wouldn't work on the Hudl. You might want to change the partitions on the sdcard to improve the performance though. Here's one guide but there should be tons on YouTube
  15. AppMgr III (Formerly App2SD) will do what you're asking
  16. You don't really need a custom rom anymore. I got Xposed Framework working on the Hudl and it has loads of plugins which seem to work great. Personally I'm using the GravityBox (JB) plugin and it's working great and has loads of options to customise your Hudl. There are a lot of people who are doing away with using custom roms and are just using these plugins now as they're a lot simpler, all you need is root. Here's a couple of videos with more info: Exposed Framework GravityBox GravityBox Update Obviously it would still be great to be able to have a KitKat rom but something tells me Tesco and whoever makes the Hudl for them are concentrating more on the next model than updating this model, which, sadly and annoyingly for Google, seems to be the norm with these manufacturers now. I would suggest you give the xposed framework route to happiness a go ;)
  17. The thing you need is called a spudger: http://www.amazon.co.uk/tag/spudger/products http://www.cellz.com/plastic-spudger-disassemble-tool-365917.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&gclid=CLCX2vGh8rsCFQMYwwod2k4AoA
  18. Maybe check your wireless channel and make sure it's not conflicting with someone else's wireless network? I use inSSIDer to configure my wireless, you can usually get quite a boost in your speeds and signal quality purely by choosing a channel that is not being used by any other wireless networks close by
  19. I'm tempted to try that rom but it won't update with any official releases and they have made hints about going for KitKat, I doubt very much that'll be until the end of next year or when they bring the 2nd one out.
  20. There's no KitKat rom for the Hudl, no-one can do what you're asking.
  21. Straight away! I wouldn't mess with any other files though to be honest if the rumours of 4.4 getting on it are true then changing files may stop it updating
  22. Nexus 4 development is here http://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-4 Modaco is very light on development now.
  23. CM would be fantastic to be hones, I trust you've spotted the thread with the source released?
  24. Here's all the files I used (It's not a flashable zip mind ;) ), I've put all the files where they should go on your phone (Back/rename the files already there if you want). Also, check out your sound section, if you see the following (Hotword detection) then you should be good. (That pic is actually from my Nexus 4 though :) ) Download the files as a zip here : https://mega.co.nz/#!EBIBFKpB!FoxEijz50FrcoBlSQXJG3wznJvpkqzbp936w1jk4J14
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