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  1. There seems to be several variants of the redmi note 3. Am I right in saying that the mediatek cpu is the 'basic' version, whilst there is another pro / prime version which sports a qualcomm snapdragon 650 cpu? Can you provide any feedback regarding the comparative performance of these two variants?
  2. After a lot of ummimg and ahhhing I decided to take a leap of faith and order through m99. 2 days later I received this "Unfortunately the product/s ordered from our website (or via an affiliate companies website) is/are currently out of stock with both us and our network of suppliers. As the product/s will not be available in the near future your order was therefore cancelled. Your credit / debit card has not been charged for this order. Approx due date for more stock of this/these product/s : Currently unknown." Anybody got any other suggestions for a new osd battery, pre-wired?
  3. A Few weeks ago you requested for people to post reviews of the Xioami pistons headphones. Is there a thread for it somewhere on this site? I've bought the product and would like to post my review but not sure where to do it.
  4. Tried emailing M99 using their website form a few days ago, to ask if the battery includes the connector. As yet no reply. The website only gives a fax number, no phone no. Tried googling their company name, but can't find a contact no. I picture them operating from a warehouse with no customer support!
  5. I've ordered and waiting for that one. In the meantime, the other day I performed the ota update to 4.4.4. In the notes it mentioned "fixes problem with 32gb class 10 micro SD cards". So it would definitely be worth doing the update before you insert the card. Edit: The card arrived, I've fitted it and it's running fine. Didn't even need formatting and I've moved all my movies and music over already.
  6. After seeing some bad reviews by people that had experienced their Moto G LTE with SD card reader, not accepting certain types of SD cards (e.g San Disk 32GB ), I wandered if anybody else on here had experienced similar issues, or can recommend a type of SD card that definitely works. I am reluctant to just buy the highest speed, largest capacity card I can find, because I read some reviews that suggest using a lower class SD card (e.g class 6 , 16GB), may work better, at least until Motorola release a fix for the SD card issue. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. I've searched high and low with google to try and find a battery with the connector for the OSD already soldered in which fits the San Diego. No luck : ( Has anyone any ideas if such a combination is sold anywhere?
  8. I would like a mi-key please! JJust bought the pistons for £12!
  9. Does anybody have an OSD battery they no longer require which they could donate to me? My battery gave up a while ago, but apart from that the phone is functional, so I've tried a replacement using a battery from ebay of the same spec, but my soldering skills were not accurate enough and subsequently the new battery did not work. The easy way round would be another battery from an OSD, pulled out with the wires and connecter still attached. I'd be willing to pay the postage, plus a negotiable fee for the battery itself. Any takers please PM me or respond to this post. Thanks Roger
  10. I'm interested in the battery if it's any good. I'm trying to replace my dead osd battery but messed up the soldering a little so an already soldered battery pack would be ideal.
  11. Upon examination of the old battery I've taken out of the OSD, the specification is : 4.2V, or 3.7V (I'm not sure - it says both, next to some chinese writing) 5.4Wh 1460 mAh The new battery recommended by Slay3r07, is 3.7V 4.44 Wh 1200mAh Could this caus e an issue? I wish Slay3r07 would respond - seeing some photo's of his successful installation would inspire me with new confidence!
  12. I've got one. Would like to see a forum for it
  13. With hindsight, my soldering was terrible! I should have bought something like http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20-pcs-6-5cm-Solder-Tab-For-Sub-C-14500-18650-battery-/151343191185?pt=UK_ConsumerElectronics_Batteries_SM&hash=item233cc1d491 I'm still determined to make it work, might even buy another battery. Would be nice to have the OSD as a spare phone
  14. I've run out of patience with this phone. Today I bit the bullet and went out and bought a Motorola Moto E for £99 from Tesco, unlocked. Will put my orange sim in it till the contract expires in September, then move over to giff gaff. Might try the battery fix at a later date, but till then the OSD is being resigned to the draw.
  15. I have unsoldered the old battery, and after twisting the wires round (the terminals on the new battery are the other way round), i've managed a bit of a bodge of soldering the wires to the new battery, including melting the plastic battery case near the terminals. But it works! Although I decided not to bother with the middle wire (temperature), since it looked like it might bridge the +ve and -ve terminals and cause problems. I'm currently charging battery, and after that will give it a good workout, to see if it has solved the shutdown problem. Fingers crossed... Edit: I've just realised that, although the charging symbol is shown on the upper RHS screen, the battery is not increasing in charge, and this is confirmed by the "discharging" status shown if I look under battery in the settings. This is not good news : ( I wander if it's because I didn't connect the middle wire. It would be useful if Slash3er would respond, with photo of the connections please.
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