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  1. 667mhz-166mhz-160mb-24bpp The kernel appears to wave phenomena, what is the problem?
  2. Good News, thank you, I hope you will not give up, continue to study it !
  3. voyteckst, can you upload the source code of CMBETA1?
  4. Yes, thank you ,This is my second question,have you tested it ? Do your normal ?
  5. Sorry , That is menas how to make i8000's android from i6500's android !
  6. There is a problem that they mentioned before, (cm_update_vm.sh) will not signal, have you tested it?
  7. Yes transplant,Do it need to recompile? " This is how to make the i6500 android, the android running on i8000 "
  8. We all want I8000 to go further, so that more people join in order to omini2 better and more perfect
  9. HI voyteckst, can you share Rom transplantation , I tested a few times, did not succeed,thanks!
  10. Yes, I also encountered,hoping to solve it !
  11. No,the time is not change New phone has this feature, if the base station not, while it will call the network
  12. HI, voyteckst,Can you solve the problem for automatically updated the time ,I saw a post on when the base station and network, it use NITZ and SNTP for updatee the time ,it means change " frameworks/base/telephony/java/com/android/internal/telephony/cdma/CdmaServiceStateTracker.java" and "frameworks/base/telephony/java/com/android/internal/telephony/gsm/GsmServiceStateTracker.java " , or You can visit this site http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_3e4774e30100tq2p.html , hope you can use in Omnia II ,Or you tell me how to modify it, thanks ,have a good time!
  13. Finally the download is complete,loading......I believe it will be very! Theme is black

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