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  1. Hi guys. thanks to some people here who have helped me alot ive got my sanfrancisco unlock, De branded and updated to 2.2 android. Ive heard on 2.2 you can save your apps to the micro SD for more storage, If i can how do i do it? Big thanks to everyone who's helped me so far :blink:
  2. Hi Shahin, Ive looked at that guide and ill probably try it out, A problem ive been having is getting my computer to connect with the phone so the "Mass Storage" option comes up in the my computer section. I dont have a disc or anything for the sanfrancisco and dont know if i need one. I dont have a card reader or anything to put the file onto the sd card. Is there anything i can do to fix this? Thanks. Joe.
  3. Hi everyone, Currently i have a Sanfrancisco Branded and Unlocked. I had an issue with it yesterday with the market which a few of th people here helped me get sorted and it was very helpfull now the thing is im a complete beginner with these sort of things and i mean beginner. This will be my first attempt if i do. I was the Debrand and update to android 2.2. I saw StevenHaperUK Video ( ) and it pointed me here again which i thought was great, Now ive read on a few forums that it has risks ect. The things i would like to know are- - Can i completely break the phone beyond repair with the software - Is it complicated - Can i recover back to factory settings and 1.1 if it goes wrong during the installation Any help would be fantastic! Thanks. Joe.
  4. Hi dave, yes that was the problem i now have it sorted, Thanks :blink:
  5. Hi Kosmic, yes i believe im on 2.1 and ive done what youve said and its come up with failed downloads and 2 of my downloads are still on starting download, Ive cancled one and still have the other (angry birds rio) going but its still stalling.
  6. Hi everyone, First off im new to this site so if im breaking any forums rules ect im sorry. Ive got a Sanfrancisco wich i managed to get Unlocked and now im using a Vodaphone PAYG sim. Using the App Market with Wi-Fi Which works but when i go to download an app it just stays on Starting Download, Currently ive got 4 apps trying to download all on Starting download. Theyve been at this stage for well over 2 hours now and ive seen a few people with the same problem but not seen a Solution. Please note that im not much of a Computer person and im new to Android so if you have an answer simple speech would be nice :blink: Thanks Alot. Joe.

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