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  1. You can try to flash Rom from SD. 1) Download any .bin Rom or download any official Rom for MT, and extract from there .bin file. For example, I download the last official rom, open it with archiver and found bin file in that path - OS_Acer_4.000.13.EMEA.GEN1_A23G_A.zip\acer EuuPacket Setup.msi\SourceDir\acer_EuuDownload_tool\acer_MergedOSFile\acer_MergedOSFile.bin 2) Create a new folder on the SD card. Name it: acer_ug. You must place bin file (from p.1) into the acer_ug folder you just created on the SD card. 3) Put the SD card back into the phone and power it off. 4) Power it on again by pressing the CAMERA, Volume DOWN and POWER BUTTON all together simultaneously. The phone will vibrate 3 times. 5) Let it work it's magic and flash the ROM. The phone will reboot when it is finished, but in my case it just turned off. If so, turn it back on again.
  2. Gingerounay and Ginger dmd are fast, interesting, have pretty design. But, if you want stable Rom with a lot of free memory and free of bugs, you should choose T&L, IMHO :)
  3. Yes, In AOSP version used standart Android UI Yes Yes Differences are minimal: 1) Interface (Acer UI or Android Ui) 2) Default caller and contacts programm. (Standart android or AOSP)
  4. I hate useless answer, but all what i can say is: Yahooooo!!!! :D
  5. lgcmn have no time now. He promised that he would do the new T&L, when will deal with problems in real life. Here original post (in russian). Here is his quote (Google translation)
  6. The best custom rom for metal now! Light, fast, stable.
  7. Yes. It's a faster. But main bonus is that gingerbread support more features and games.
  8. There are 2 biggest russian forum about Metal (4pda.ru and acer-club.ru). Each of them have >50 active users. Any news from here (modaco) translating and reposting on them within a few minutes. So, we can tell, that these russian users visiting modaco :huh:. I'm telling the truth, lgcmn?
  9. vache Thank you for your rom. But i have a problem with Wi-Fi. In Russia there is 14 channel aloowed for wi-fi. If wi-fi router start to use 12-14 channel, Metal didn't see WiFI network. Is here any solution?
  10. +1 at least. Users from others forums can be included?
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