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  1. Try ADW Launcher EX, it is stable, fast and highly customizable. Or try LauncherPro for pure raw performance, it's the smoothest and fastest launcher I've ever used/seen.
  2. Why the hell would anyone want to unroot and Android phone? :wacko: That's the point of buying and Android phone, to hack, improve, break and fix. Even to average users, root can be very useful to enable some apps that do cool stuff but require root access. Of course that root can also be dangerous as well, but lets face it... If we are registered in this kind of forums we should know some basic tech stuff to know what can be a dangerous or not. :P
  3. Are you using stock Huawei launcher? If yes, why don't you just install another (better, more customizable, faster and smoother) launcher like ADW EX or Apex Launcher if that rom is ICS (not sure if b894 is ICS or not)?
  4. Can someone post a working link to the revert to stock zip file? Link is broken. Thanks. EDIT: Already reverted to an previous nandroid backup. Thanks anyways.
  5. Try to repeat the ICS installation process all over again.
  6. rjvc

    Best keyboard?

    Best Keyboard is just Swiftkey 3, another really good option is Swype.
  7. That would be awesome, thanks a lot! :)
  8. There is any easy way to put the status bar clock back in the original position? I really dont like it centered, wastes too much space on the statusbar. I've tried decompiling the framework-res.apk and changing the statusbaritemorder block on arrays.xml, but i just bricked it, and had to flash a backup over it. It's a small thing, but I would really like to have it on the right side just as stock aosp frameworks. Can someone that is into this stuff help me, please? The rom is doing great, thanks for working on it :)

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