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  1. Change your kernal, try one of C3C0's later kernel's ,best wishes
  2. My bad, its 22-03-13. Here's my dropbox for it. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3vhljiakv5nlxc1/EMTO0gZQJI :)
  3. You'd need to use the paranoid properties apk from the 22-03-13 build. Looking at your screenshot that's the holo version that didn't work that came with the final build 29-03-13 :)
  4. It does seem that water is the biggest enemy of the skate. A little light rain killed mine off for the the second time. :)
  5. Quite liking aospa 4.4, no holo or hybrid as yet, but using Gravitybox xposed module with it, I've not botherd going back to 4.3. :)
  6. Nice Douglas Adams quote :D thought you'd gotten an S2? Enjoy your HOX. And maybe bump into you over on Xda. :)
  7. £78 reduction on a 16 gig, guys this is a viable buy now for you guys on a budget :)
  8. Definitely 16 gig, a nandroid takes over a gig of space with the n4 :)
  9. Evening Matey, my bad, my mental picture of your self must have been well off (in a none offensive way O:) ) yam given your circumstances, an S2 wouldn't be a bad choice. Still got a active community, and again the difference between that and the skate, is still considerably vast :)
  10. Got to recommend the N4, the difference between the skate and the Nexus is light years apart. Anyone saving for a new phone, it's worth the extra saving and waiting for. :)
  11. Hiya matey, I'll meet you on xda, got stock 4.3 backed up, twrp will restore in three minutes flat. :D
  12. Afternoon matey :) yam that screenie was stock 4.3, but now back on PA :D
  13. Afternoon Matey, cm, pa, rootbox,aokp. ( insert rom option here ) the best £288 I've spent. :P
  14. sums it up I didn't want to half arse around anymore, and got a device.
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