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  1. Change your kernal, try one of C3C0's later kernel's ,best wishes
  2. My bad, its 22-03-13. Here's my dropbox for it. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3vhljiakv5nlxc1/EMTO0gZQJI :)
  3. You'd need to use the paranoid properties apk from the 22-03-13 build. Looking at your screenshot that's the holo version that didn't work that came with the final build 29-03-13 :)
  4. plegdroid

    I dropped my OMC into water

    It does seem that water is the biggest enemy of the skate. A little light rain killed mine off for the the second time. :)
  5. plegdroid

    Kit Kat for Nexus 4

    Quite liking aospa 4.4, no holo or hybrid as yet, but using Gravitybox xposed module with it, I've not botherd going back to 4.3. :)
  6. plegdroid

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    Nice Douglas Adams quote :D thought you'd gotten an S2? Enjoy your HOX. And maybe bump into you over on Xda. :)
  7. plegdroid

    There are many one give up skate?

    £78 reduction on a 16 gig, guys this is a viable buy now for you guys on a budget :)
  8. Definitely 16 gig, a nandroid takes over a gig of space with the n4 :)
  9. plegdroid

    There are many one give up skate?

    Evening Matey, my bad, my mental picture of your self must have been well off (in a none offensive way O:) ) yam given your circumstances, an S2 wouldn't be a bad choice. Still got a active community, and again the difference between that and the skate, is still considerably vast :)
  10. plegdroid

    There are many one give up skate?

    Got to recommend the N4, the difference between the skate and the Nexus is light years apart. Anyone saving for a new phone, it's worth the extra saving and waiting for. :)
  11. plegdroid

    Bye Skate... ;-)

    Hiya matey, I'll meet you on xda, got stock 4.3 backed up, twrp will restore in three minutes flat. :D
  12. plegdroid

    Bye Skate... ;-)

    Afternoon matey :) yam that screenie was stock 4.3, but now back on PA :D
  13. plegdroid

    Bye Skate... ;-)

    Afternoon Matey, cm, pa, rootbox,aokp. ( insert rom option here ) the best £288 I've spent. :P
  14. plegdroid

    Bye Skate... ;-)

    sums it up I didn't want to half arse around anymore, and got a device.
  15. last one on my skate is at 20-03-13. another thought would be to clear its data/cache in settings /apps, and see if it will let you relog back in again. or you can try clearing dalvik via cwm, and let it optimize the apps that are still on your phone .

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