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  1. This rom works great! Only bugs I found: - poweroff animation doesn't work - showing the lockscreen after pushing the powerbutton takes a while - can't delete icons on the homescreen when the search bar is disabled Thanks for this amazing rom!
  2. There are lots of buggy apps that drain battery. But it happens also after a clean install, even if I don't install any app...
  3. Same thing for me. I really don't know what the problem could be. For me it only occurs on 3G. Even after a clean install. Is there anyone using the Dutch San Francisco (sold by Mobistar in Belgium)? I use Mobile Vikings as mobile provider. I encountered this battery drain on two different ZTE Blades (both dutch ones, both with mobile vikings) Does anyone know a solution? BetterBatteryStats didn't find the cause...
  4. I'm still having battery drain on 3G. BetterBatteryStats didn't find the problem. Here are some screens: During the day, using wifi. This looks quite normal to me: During the day, using 3G. This doesn't look good: During the night, with 3G on. This uses to much battery I think:
  5. Apps that are running: - Settings (1 proces, 0 services) - Google Services (1 proces, 2 services) - DSP Manager (1 proces, 1 service) - Android-Keyboard (1 proces, 1 service) With mobile data on, my phone is not usable because of battery drain. But I don't see any abnormal apps running, the phone goes into deep sleep,... I really don't see the cause of my problem. It's a dutch blade (Mobistar San Francisco). My sister has the same problem with here ZTE Blade when I install this rom. Does anyone has a clue what could be the problem here? Or how I can find it? Thanks!
  6. I have the same problem. Last night I installed this rom without installing any other application. If my data connection (2G/3G) is on, the battery drains even though it does go into deep sleep. In five hours the battery went from 100% to 70% without even using the phone. When I do use the phone, it goes down more rapidly. I don't think this is normal behaviour. It didn't happen on android 2.x Is there anyone who knows what the problem could be? I really like this rom, but I can't use it because the battery drains to fast with mobile data on.
  7. I have the same problem. Tested it on two dutch san francisco's and there's always a huge battery drain. I'm now trying Eco CM9 and that's better.
  8. I installed this rom yesterday but I'm noticing collor banding. Anybody knows how to fix this? Thanks Before, I was using CM10.1, but this rom seems to load applications faster and doesn't drain that much battery.
  9. Thanks for this rom! The only problem I have, is a battery drain when mobile data is enabled. Wifi works great, but when I switch on mobile data my blade gets hot and there is a battery drain. I had the same problem with your previous roms. This did not happen on the stock rom. Would a logcat help someone to find out what the problem could be? Maybe it's only a problem of the Blades that where sold in Belgium...
  10. Looking forward to Youtube in HQ :) I'm having a battery drain when using mobile data connection (3G), but it works well with wifi though.
  11. This is a very nice rom. Thanks! Is it possible to include skype sound routing into one of your next releases? That would be great! (like in CM7, ColdFusionX,... )
  12. It looks like version 6.6.9 isn't rooted. Anybody knows what to do now? Edit: reflashing solved it :)
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