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  1. So far it's working well. No sign of sense remains other than the Camera and keyboard, if not for that and the file size you would not know it's based on a HTC rom at all.
  2. And to answer your questions: BT - turns on but doesn't work properly (does not pair) USB - working video recording - doesn't work WiFi - working
  3. It's these sort of comment's why I lash out. They are uncalled for, not needed and 100% incorrect. Don't you think If all I was after was attention I would have followed Trip to where he's gone and carried on? So far in his new home he is complying with GPL, so I have no problem with him now.
  4. I've had enough of this now, I lashed out, so would you if you spent YEARS of your life doing NOTHING but develop programs and solutions for others and making 100% of them public for everyone only to be called (for want of a better term) stupid and having quite a lot of his followers take the same opinion when none of you know my history and what I have done, Yeah I took it personal. Enough now, Trip is what he is, he is not going to change any time soon, such a shame really.
  5. I apologise if 'banned' was the wrong word, I honestly thought he was (source of confusion TripNRaVeR Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/TripNRaVeR/status/168381882835271681)
  6. Trip's the innocent one in this, right, ok! FYI, I do NOT and NEVER will want to be like Trip. ALL of my work is Open and Free for everyone to use WITHOUT needing my express permission. Trip places copyright on work that is NOT his, The TAP'S Engine - Not HIS, but Sony Ericsson! I apologise to those of you who felt insulted by my using the term 'fan boy', the reason for this is 'some' of you bashed me for sticking up for the community as a whole and supported Trip in stealing of others work re-branding it and calling it his own. Much like the Apple 'fan boys', He may have provided you with a Rom that no one else did, but this does NOT excuse theft of code and/or breaking of established rules. If you read Paul's post you would see Trip is not banned, just blocked from posting until he is willing to comply with GPL rules (this is my own understanding of the situation) The fact Trip chose to move forum's (to me) seems as though he is either unable to follow GPL as he has no sources or just think's he is above the rules everyone else has to follow. My Topic is not a reflection of Trip leaving, the OpenSensation project was started before he left (Check Twitter) and more as a retaliation to Trip's insult towards me, claiming I can't compile **** and ONLY wish to KANG his stuff. Well, I think by now it should be clear I can in fact compile **** and only ever wished to help Trip fix stuff. To answer why I wanted Trips source, it was so I could try to generate the correct framebuffer headers for the qcom drivers to help with HW Acceleration.
  7. Bluetooth is 100% the work of Sc2k CyanogenMod is a free, community built distribution of Android which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone. This is a development thread, the aim of it is to get a fully working public /device tree for the HTC Sensation to allow easy compiling of both AOSP & CyanogenMod 9. I seem to have allowed this project to diverge from getting thing's working to supporting feature requests to allow use as a 'daily driver'. This was wrong on my part and has been preventing real progress from taking place. As you will probably have seen blahbl4hblah has written a guide on how to compile CM9 that I previously linked to. Yes you might get a great sence of acheivement from compiling CM9 on your own computer, however I would take caution in doing so, as with all development sometimes thing's will break in the git repo's. If a feature you want it missing fork the relevant repo, fix/add the missing feature send a pull request if it's in the device tree or submit to gerrit if it's in CM's source. Might sound harsh, but that's how thing's should be done and I will not provide a guide of how to do that, there are plenty of guides already. Source Code: OpenSensation Current issues: Occasional Flickering on display Video Camera does not record Bluetooth - Turning off results in com.android.phone FC, requires reboot to resolve Probably more Compiled Builds: 05-03-12 - Build 2 - MD5: f6bf0c0253d1f55e1d0001fb57173620 mediafire -> download These are provided as is, I will NOT support these build's in any way other than reports of bug's not listed above. If you wish to provide a fix for any issue, it MUST be in source format. Please check CM's gerrit to see if the fix is already pending before reporting it as a bug. Suggested Firmware: Firmware -> download - Use 3.30.401.1 & 3.30.401.101 Extras: Gapps 20120224 -> download Thanks: Bluetooth - Sc2k Kernel - HTC Firmware - mike1986 Misc Fixes - intervigilium, elelinux and those working on CyanogenMod's various projects Also thanks to the GalnetMIUI Project. OpenSensation is released under the Apache 2.0 licence Kernel is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 - source will be available here Donations: I'd like to say thanks to the people who have donated to this project. Donations are not required at all, but are very much appreciated. Any donations will be saved to enable the purchase of a decent PC. Also please don't forget the other's involved ;)
  8. I reported him numerous times, he was also in talks with at least one moderator regarding GPL compliance. His failure to follow the site rules is what got him banned, plain and simple. I'm sure if you ran a forum and had a user who, even after being told, continued to break the rules you would ban them too. I get there are those of you who think Trip is a God, but lets hit the truth, He is in this for the $$$ too. Just check his own thread history. I recall at one point he had a lack of donation's so announced he would stop unless people showed appreciation again. I'm trying hard here not to cause a mass flame war between everyone, we are all entitled to our own opinion. Mine is that MoDaCo, even the whole Android open source scene will be better without TripNRaVeR and his 'fan boys' I saw this in the Xbox & PS3 hacking scene, it's a shame, greed > community. As for if Cyanogen or anyone else adopted his code, so what, he could claim bragging right's, but that's not enough for him. My GPS fix should prove that, I fixed one thing for him, He went off in a tantrum, claimed my fix "didn't fix s***" and vowed if I continued to 'help' him he would stop development.
  9. I got fed up asking for the Kernel code via PM, I requested it multiple times, quite nicely to start. As for bullying him, well, you really need to look at the history behind him & me! See just who started the pulling down and bitching! I helped him, what thanks did I get? well, I called a Dumb F*ck, who 'can't' compile s***. Very nice of Trip. As for HTC releasing source, Well they are in this for $$$. Although after a LOT of pressure they released sources. Note my argument is over kernel source only, a device tree would have been nice, but as Android is under a Apache licence (not GPL) he can freely choose to release that or not. Also to "believe that Trip will publish it when "dust is settled down"" is a mute argument. GPL clearly states that source is to be provided WITH a binary release. Anyhow, as others stated, He's gone, others are just as bad, but most do comply when reminded. I do think it is a shame that Trip's own mentality and god complex stands in his way. Lets just see where Trip is when MIUI release a build for Sensation or Cyanogen push the needed changes. I still maintain that Trip is NOT building from source as he claims too. His installer script is using a binary format that is not included with Cyanogen, The device ID for 007 changed to a HTC Hero!! and some of the binary firmware files in 005 are from a Nexus S.
  10. It was only 2 days ago that Trip started using the closed HTC Kernel, Before then it was always a Custom TripN-Kernel, All but one of those were and still are without source. The one that was with source also failed to compile - again against GPL as it is NOT what was released in Binary form. I may be wrong here, but for the sudden switch to HTC kernel's it seems to me as though that's how he thought he would get out of releasing source's. You see Trip has NEVER complied with GPL in any form at all. It is (I assume) for this reason he has been banned. I'm sure Rootz will not stand for it either, once he releases a Custom kernel he builds. If he sticks with pure un-edited HTC kernel's then he is not breaking GPL as the source for those is the responsibility of HTC.
  11. ^ You best read up on just what MoDaCo's founder has done for Android, you will find he is far from jealous. --------------------- Just goes to show how mature you all are. The GPL was set up for a reason, having people like trip break those rules is bad for the community as a whole. I am sure he had been warned that if he did not follow the rules, he would be banned, guess the 'rules' don't apply to him then. The real immature person in all of this is TripNRaVeR, he's not that 'smart' (I don't claim to be any smarter). I just know when a guy is feeding me a load of crap or not though. What does he do when I call him on it, nothing but moan, threaten to stop all work and block all communication with me. <- very mature I am sure, This is my own opinion and in no way is a representation of MoDaCo, but this place will be better without him and those who don't give a sh*t about the rules.
  12. Did you use the Trip or Sebastian version? If it's the trip one then it is the same kernel as posted in the OP
  13. I requested Kernel source from Trip - this is a requirement of the GPL licence! The source trip eventually provided AFTER MoDaCo got involved is broken, this is also against the GPL licence. As for kmobs, well he is not working with a Kernel so is outside of GPL. My request from him was to push a /device tree as the Sensation is on the 'Official' Cyanogen device list - my understanding of that was that you can compile from source a 'Official' Cyanogen device. I was not targeting CM9 specifically, but whatever. So yeah, I might bitch a little, but for what personal gain? NO, for the BENEFIT OF THE COMMUNITY. This is getting old, that I 100% agree. Trip does KANG others work (Check out the 'TAPS' system) and you send him $$$. Maybe I should KANG others work then demand everything I want or I will stop releasing stuff!
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