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    Problem whit HTC Magic! PLEASE HELP ME! :(

    now is locked on RUU USB :blink:
  2. Hi, i'm italian and i have a question/problem (sorry for bad english) I have a HTC Magic (32B) IO Developer Conference i have find this guide on google http://www.askabouthugo.com/general/...e-verify-fail/ for a previous problem (METOD :blink:, but when i reboot in HBOOT mode and the second image start uploading, at the unzipping of SYSTEM the telephone do not go next! Now the smartphone do not respond on ADB and FASTBOOT He his blocked on ROGERS logo, but on fastboot i have this screen SAPPHIRE PVT 32A SHIP S-ON H HBOOT-1.76-0010 (SAPP30000) CPLD-10 RADIO- BUT MY MAGIC IS 32B! now when i try to install news sappimg (the recovery amon ra do not work) i have this error Main version is older! Update Fail! PLEASE HELP ME!!

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