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  1. mike, really glad you`ve kept up with development of ZTE Racer (my 1st smart phone and fondest) especially as you`ve managed to port new kernel too excellent news m8, I really hope you carry on dev-ing and delivering at some point ICS at least (it can be done) anyway take it easy and best of luck .............
  2. hi, well regards vamshi`s latest kernel config i guess he choose not to include the .config...........luckily vamshi`s earlier kernel does have a config that is accessible (#1) which can be found in my older 224 rom.... as for touch_to_key i think the cmd for it needs to be added in source of kernel, i`ve seen it around on another device... raise i think best way forward would be to download blade source from Tom G on github (complete) then use config from vamshi #1 to boot/drivers/blah blah.....see what happens from that......
  3. So....where you up to (seems to be spread over threads)...i may be able to help with some things
  4. morning, equiliym are the Unofficial builds from deadlinks device tree, compiled from source? i`ve been doing some compiling cm7 from source myself and had v.good success
  5. GOOD MORNING CHAPS thx, glad you like it, i had given up the Racer ghost awhile ago, but with extra knowledge i`ve gained the past few months with other stuff i`ve been doing i`ve been able to compiled cm7.2 from source for Racer (modified deadlinks mooncake tree) which i may release here on the forum for you guys to try out
  6. Guys you need the "touch_to_key" binary file added to the ROM for haptic, menu, home,back buttons to work with Vamshi`s kernel :P you`ll find the file in 99% of my ROMS
  7. thx, maybe with the guide i will post you and others could port some Blade roms to Racer, then the Racer forum could carry on for a while longer :)
  8. hehe, thx plegdroid, also most a year ago i became a member of modaco (same as yourself) and in that time i`ve learnt ALOT and this knowledge will stand me in good stead for new and existing projects, i`m continuing work on my current device hTC Explorer on XDA although i have not yet released anything :D nor have i created an account for XDA yet, so dont know about racerboy XDA user :lol: i`ll pop on here from time to time to see whats going on, i hope you and your family are all happy and well, i`ll send you a PM now and again to catch up :) take it easy, Racerboy :ninja:
  9. thx, regards ICS on racer, the current kernel we use needs some modifying or just a new .35 kernel, also we`ll need to modify some libs/bin/egl files too...........its possible but when i dont know, not alot of dev work for racer of late soo i wonder whether it will be done at all.............
  10. update: LeWa_ROM_Racer_12.03.30 is available to download from the 1st post of this thread, changelog on 2nd post PLEASE READ BEFORE INSTALLING.................
  11. Afternoon all, due to real life and been busy with other projects i am calling it a day regards to porting new roms for the Racer, thank you all for the support and comments (good and bad) and for downloading over 65,000 rom downloads just on raceroms website (cm7 nightlies, ICS-MOD, LeWa) THANK YOU ALL............ I will as a parting gift post a guide to porting cm7 roms (includes LeWa) from the blade to the racer for whoever wants to have ago at porting to the racer for themselves or to share, i`ll post link to guide when i`ve finished it.....................
  12. Afternoon all, due to real life and been busy with other projects i am calling it a day regards to porting new roms for the Racer, however i will release LeWa_ROM_Racer_12.03.30 later today as a parting gift for you to try....................thank you all for the support and comments (good and bad) I will post a guide on how to create a basic working port of blade LeWa roms later too for all of you interested in porting these roms for yourselves
  13. i`m still here, as soon as a blade Nightly is released i`ll port it..........................................
  14. OK guys, have been busy, need to re-install my vm box, will post new rom possibly tomorrow for you all........................
  15. @Daniel Frasca ALL the links work fine for me (have downloaded and checked) as you can apprieciate i cant post mirrors for my roms, for stat purposes..........
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