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  1. Boss, Where is the option to remove "Google" Search in Home Screen?
  2. Konsta, Can you port this ROM to our ZTE Blade?
  3. Dear Friends, For the Past 1 year, I was used various ROM's in my blade. Thanks to Konsta, Tilal ......etc...... Frankly Speaking, New ROM's are Good....But they are eating the speed of Blade..... Now my mind want ROM for Touch and GET which is speed actually set in Blade......So I request you to please prefer the ROM [stock ROM is also OK.] Some of the Regular User may agree about my thoughts...... Thanks & Regards,
  4. Yes ..I had tried everything.....Ok boss thanks for your support...
  5. Boss, I had 8 GB SD Card. After Partition, my SD Card had 2 partition i.e, 6 GB /FAT 32 and 1 GB/Ext2...... Where can i make 190mb ext2 partition? I didn't understand...Actually we need to install our ROM in Internal Memory only not in SD Card. Then why we format our SD Card.......Please advise.....and tell me the procedure to make 190mb ext2 partition.
  6. Boss, I did everything. Finally i had received, Status 7 Installation aborted What to do?
  7. http://forum.xda-dev...rd_partitioning Link leads me about SD Card Partition. How can i make partition in my internal Memory. Because you had specified 190 mb system partition. Advise me please.
  8. Friends, Is it possible to bring MIUI V5 for our Blade? If yes, Thanks in advance... Guna Sorry Duplicate Post..... Administrator please delete this post......
  9. Konsta, "Installation Aborted"....Please help me to fix this issue.
  10. Friend, Great ROM. But i am unable to update Gmail App..... Only Gmail 2.3.5 is accepting.....Gmail 4.3.1 is not accepting.... Is there any Idea.....
  11. Konsta, I am unable to make conference call....When i tried it shows "Unable to make conference" How can i fix this issue my friend.
  12. Konsta, Thanks for your updation. But the weather widget is not updating. Even i had set 30 mins, 60 mins......interval. How to fix this...
  13. Boss, The ROM is not like zip file....What can i do? [Downloading is going on...]
  14. Boss, I will try LG.....We shall be happy if you could post updates in Rem-ICSJB :(
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