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  1. any teaser in terms of screenshots....??
  2. Is there any difference bw this ROM and 103 version except official miui release...???
  3. This is the best GB miui Rom so far..! Thanx brother!
  4. Z3US911

    ROM for gaming

    make ur ROM lightest as much as possible.You can make a gaming ROM urself.Remove all apps including system apps,so that u can get more RAM. And now every ROM is FPS uncapped so u can do nothing with FPS.
  5. i was just sharing my views. Nothing for creating any trouble!
  6. sorry to say this but i just flashed ZMOD and it is way smoother and faster!! P.S apps2sd works absolutely fine.!
  7. Z3US911

    [DEV-ROM] TripNRom - Iris 001.233.D.B71

    its not MIUI music,its stock music app.
  8. i am guessing 7 - 9 hours!! I guessed as per previous released ROMs.!
  9. lol nice one! but why u guyz are expecting the release so early..?? Trip is not even online right now!! I think its gonna be tonight as per IST.
  10. Its getting little annoying for me now.!!

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