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  1. hello achotjan, glad to see u here as well. but this forum is dead about few months ago :/
  2. Hello to all! I catch some time to make this bootanimation for me and my own purposes, and now want to share..its pretty awesome i think, but its not on me to decide. There is few img to preview. Here is. The first of his kind Enjoy i you like it. Notice: The bootanimation.zip is attached, to lazy for upload on mediafire or elsewhere. I know that this forum is dead, and really miss to me, but that is not the reason to not post new things here as well. cheers mt2jjj(skorvy) bootanimation.zip
  3. try install another version of market on your phone,older or newest i dont know version u have right now, i read somewhere that some of market versions block a lot of app that shouldnt be blocked.
  4. OODIE has nexsus s i think, and he leaving x10 dev easy as well, but who know,, and what we can be 98% shore that FXP team will completly port ICS /cm9/ to x10, its one big +.and for other devs, well guys keep up:)), make us proud and x10, and proud one who dont have money for other phone(like me :lol:).
  5. Ow, i wrong read what you wrote in first post:D, but yes, that is great possibility, and new cwm5 as well, this two toy save a lot of time us.
  6. I think that all new ROM, and dev one use cwm5, especially cyanogenmod(FXP), so maybe that is reason.
  7. well, when battery complete discharge, restart into xrec, wipe bat stats, reboot then pull out batt, put it back, then connect charger and leave it best over night to charge.
  8. Xperia X10: Baseband: 2.1.71 Kernel: locked bl-2.6.29-zdzihu-mod4.05...... ROM: MIUI-2.1.20 OODIE prime Android Version: 2.3.7 Updates: None Patchs: None Addons: Well, some made by me 1. First Bugs: WIFI restart phone on first switching on\off+ 2. Way bugs solved: Need nothing to do, work after that fine.+ 3. Other Bugs and how fix it: What a boring day, have no idea 4. Suggestions: After charging phone, restart it, sometimes deep sleep wont work. 5. Other Tips: Before install ROM delete all files on sd card from previous one. Do not use no-frills cpu control if is 998-245-ondemand ok for you, uninstall them. Do not sit on cold concrete..
  9. I hope that he will update M1U1Prime as well from time to time, but its near to final i think
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