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  1. @memedroid123 I see that you are also portuguese... can you tell me if your MMS are working fine? I can't seem to make them work on Vodafone network.
  2. @Konstat APNs are ok... the same that appear on Eco 9 by jventura and the Daemon's 10.1 (continuation of your rom). The only that works fine is Eco 9. 10.1 only works if I turn of data access or leaving data and turning on WIFI With 10.2.2 MMSs simply don't work no matter what I do. I was just hoping to understand if this happens only to me or if it needs the same Fix as jventura did some other times.
  3. Everything seems working like a charm... congratulations and thank you jventura :-) Including MMSs that, as usuall, is broken on 4.2.2 Do you know if it is possible to back port the android 4.2.2 contact app? It is the only thing I miss... being able to see contact photos bigger and that "small" integration with Facebook.
  4. I tested this ROM and the PAC one and on both came across an issue... Titanium Backup doesn't restore most of the backed up applications I have backed up (ex. Winamp). Any clues why this is happening?
  5. I am not spamming... just bringing to attention a problem that happens on both roms. And I don't think it's "a problem that I am having" but it's a problem to all people that use hearphones plugged. If this happens only to me, it's ok... have you tested to make sure this isn't also "your problem"?
  6. Still no fix for the headphones notification, problem? I mean... when using headphones... the notification sound is inexistent, or too low on the headphones' speakers. Notification sound comes out from the phone speaker.
  7. Hi zeelog... thank you for this rom. I installed it and it looks to run smooth and quick on my phone. Unfortunatly, it has the same issue of konstat version... when using headphones, I just can't hear the notifications as the sound comes out on the phone speaker and not on headphones. Any clues to solve this? Thank you
  8. Yes... I know... I am portuguese too ;-) But I do need internet access as well... in a daily basis... your solution is no good for me. jventura fixed this problem for CM7 and CM10... let's see if something comes out for 10.1 as well :-)
  9. If you need to have Data enabled for MMS... that means internet traffic will be credited. It should work without it... maybe jventura needs to find another fix for 4.2 :huh:
  10. Decided to try this ROM last night and I'm having a problem. I bought Winamp PRO license and looks like Market doesn't recognize that anymore. Is there something I can do to fix that? or it is a problem with Market (google play store)? It worked fine on other ROMs I tested... including Konstat 4.2.1
  11. hummm... i guess MMS is not working at all... anyone can confirm this?
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