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  1. Are you sure you enabled notifications for all of your label?
  2. Hey Paul, is the batterie icon you presented a time ago on twitter present in this rom? I mean the one with the "true" batterie status, not the stock with showing 70% at 70,60 and 50 % or so. I hope you understand what i want to know :-D
  3. OMG 8 hours at work and it's beta 8. Great :-D
  4. Okay. I cleared Tapatalks Data and signed back in. This time it asked me to sign in to App engine or something. I think this did it. Will test.
  5. Yes, I used Koush's Helium. It used to work very well between my Hox and my N4. I will reinstall from Play Store and look if it helps. Next time I skip restoring when testing a ROM
  6. I think a few other syncs are not working correctly too. I subscribed to this thread with tapatalk but don't get notifications when something new comes up. On my N4 they show up. With Falcon and G+ im unsure about this, maybe nothing was posted in between.
  7. I tested a little bit last night, and everything works like it should. These 3 Bugs are working here too: -WIFI works -Home-Button-Configuration works -Switch works The first time i flashed this I ended up on a blackscreen with no response of the phone. After 10 minutes i could reboot to recovery and wiped system too and reflashed, after that everything works. Anything in that we/ I can test in particular?
  8. Thanks for your invite Paul. Downloading now and flashing when it´s done. Will report asap :-). I´m very excited about this.
  9. Hey Paul, this is very nice and on garanty the first thing to try when it´s ready :-). But are you beware of the fact, that you showed yout twitter login informations in the Video? Or did i miss a point?
  10. That would be nice. But i have no idea how much work this needs.
  11. Yeah i used it a while on my N4, and it´s pretty cool. The hybrid engine works great and the modified color-kernel looks really nice. But the lack of some CM features and missing localisations ( i don´t like the mixed language style) allways bring me back to pure CM. So a kitchen would be the best option, with it you have the features you want and Paul´s magic :-D
  12. Maybe i´m alone with this, but i would like the features of Paranoid Android and CM combined in one kitchen. That´s no request just my opinion :-)
  13. Hi Guys, I´ve ordered one of this very attractive QI chargers on ebay : http://url9.de/yZo . There is also an XDA thread about it (http://url9.de/yZV), and the overall performance and usability seems very good. Maybe it´s a good alternative for people like me who are unable to get an official Orb. I will report back when mine arrives from China if anyone is interested. Greetz Brembo
  14. Cool. Already able to buy a bumper in Germany. Thanks Paul for your review. I waiting for this QI Charger to arrive (http://url9.de/yZo) so i´m fully equiped with bumper and wireless charger :-D
  15. Nope, because of the hox isn't s-off you have to flash ist manually ever time changing Rom or kernel
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