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  1. Someone has a problem with non displayed missed call on the lock screen?
  2. KomatoZZZnik

    ZTE T-U880 (Variant Of Blade)

    Try this firmware (2.3.7) http://depositfiles....files/nmbn6wnkq Flash with attachment flasher.rar
  3. KomatoZZZnik

    Recovery for ZTE T-U880

    Clockwork Recovery version 1) Can do nandroid 2) Up/down volume keys are not swapped How to install: 1) Root you device (with SuperOneClick 1.9.5) 2) Copy flash_image and recovery.img on sdcard 3) Run cmd.exe -> adb shell -> su -> cp /sdcard/flash_image /data -> chmod 777 /data/flash_image -> /data/flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img -> reboot recovery recovery.rar
  4. KomatoZZZnik

    ZTE T-U880 (Variant Of Blade)

    Hello. I bought myself this phone delivery from China. In Chinese Forum downloaded the latest firmware already working with the Android Market. If you are interested I can upload the firmware, but there are many Chinese programs will have to delete them manually. PS. Sorry for my english, im from Russia :rolleyes:

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