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  1. any possibility of getting Jr9 prebake before you update kitchen to Jr10?
  2. Happy New Year. And Paul did you also get BB with this V20O release, as Hell on xda could not get his hands on new baseband, just a update.zip, but still good. Waiting for Gr6, till then using CM7 self compiled.
  3. Try original LG-P990 Car Cradle. Its called SCS-410 on ebay or amazon. Easy to find and it works great, using it with my BMW
  4. No WIPE boots up fine from Gr3, but Settings>About Phone always make FC, can you check if it happen in WIPE too?
  5. So other than that, is all finished and stable, I was waiting for bit stable thing, mostly bug free (one or two bugs here and there is ok :D)
  6. Any BB works GREAT, depend on region you are in, but recommended GB baseband in LG leaks is GB one, which also use RIL from GB leaks, try using GB RIL with GB baseband in CM7, it will give you unknown BB, but have opposite effect on LG GB leaks, defiantly something has changed. GB BB with GB RIL dont work on CM7, so if you are able to use 823 with 823 RIL, its not a GB Baseband.
  7. If you can push Native GB VoIP client that would be cool, all HTC and SAMSUNG have it, hope we can get it too. And did you see the KDZ file of SU660 v20f release? Maybe you get latest baseband from there, as that BB is one month newer than our 725 GB one.
  8. One very helpful thing from this will be its BB which is 824 one of the latest GB baseband that also works perfectly on p990 But paul you need to extract fls files from kdz as I was not able to, this does not create many files in Phone folder while trying to flash kdz, only two dll n wdb
  9. Anil you are forgetting something... we refer bb on last three digits which are month and date, 725 is 25th july. Check your last three digits of your BB. Hope it helps.
  10. Paul will support o2x as its a benchmark tegra phone. Even though he will have more interest in sgs2 but he will not give up on o2x yet. Guys please have patience. Thanks
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