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  1. While I think its great to have gps working, without any storage on the wm side we don't have anywhere to store maps. for now I will keep using my tytnII for satnav. If anybody knows of any good satnav software for vista then I might be tempted to give it a try when I get my shift back from htc (they told me 4 days ago it was fixed and ready for packing so hopefully it won't be much longer) Scott
  2. Sent my shift to htc and got it back 14 days later with a sheet explaining the work carried out Repair Description 1 - Diagnosis 2 - Re-Flash ROM image 3 - Function test I switched the machine on and got the please wait while windows starts for the first time message, then it crashed and now all I get is "Reboot and select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key" I can enter the bios but the hdd is not present in the bios. I hope they try to fix it this time !!!
  3. Have you tried fn+f3 at boot up ? it will reset vista back to factory so all data will be lost.
  4. My hdd has been playing up for the last 2 weeks - Machine starts running real slow and the hdd light stays on instead of blinking, it will then it crash and not reboot (reg file missing), when I use Acronis to format the drive it will come up with error msg that it cant read/write to sector 24890 (or something similar) it will give this mgs for 5 different sectors, if I keep trying it will format it after 4 or 5 trys, then I can install vista again from an Acronis backup (fn + f3 will give a corrupt file msg and will not boot into vista) it will then run normal for anything between 10 minutes and 3 days then the cycle will start again. Has anybody had to used the HTC warranty service and how long could I expect to be without my shift? I was thinking of upgrading my hdd anyway to this 80gb hdd you can also get 100gb + 120gb hdds but they are 8mm and the original is 5mm, the 8mm will fit but could damage other components due to the tight fit. My only concern with the upgrade is that there is some other underlying fault and I will void my warranty by changing the hdd. Does this sound like a hdd fault or something else? is there any software that could attempt to fix the hdd? Thanks in advance for any help/advice. Scott p.s the win mobile side is working 100%
  5. HTC have released a new driver pack for the Shift UMPC. Available for download from the HTC site, the pack includes... The install process is somewhat untidy (installing each driver one by one), but is worthwhile to try and eke every last ounce of performance out of your Shift! Alongside the major driver update, there is also a hotfix to get windows sidebar working on your Shift and BIOS update to "enhance USB flash disk compatibility on the HTC Shift mobile computer." Let us know how you get on! Scott [Edited for news by Paul (MVP)]
  6. also In shared memory - more memory for win mobile ? mp3 & polyphonic ring tones Speakerphone vibrating alert wap Lets hope so, but me thinks Orange might have made a mistake http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/show/handset.../small_business
  7. Sorry my Bad http://www.pocketpc-software-downloads.com...d-vczqlqcw.html
  8. http://mobilefootball.noshape.com/MFAbout.aspx http://soccer-information-manager.en.softonic.com/pocketpc http://www.resco.net/pocketpc/eurocupmobile/default.asp
  9. Not shure just found it yesterday, I know you can set it to auto update every minute but don't know how fast they will have the goals, I did read someone saying the baseball was very quick to update so I hope its the same for the football or should that be soccer :D ?
  10. Phone weaver is what I use, you can set it to turn the phone on/off, bluetooth on/off, wifi on/off, push email on/off and can set the backlight timeout and power timeout in different profiles which can be triggered by time, agenda or as/power. I have mine set to go silent and turn wifi on at midnight (have rss programs set to update during the night) then at 6 in the morning it turns the ringers back on. It also has a today plug in so its easy to change profiles manualy.
  11. Pocket score center This does the job very well, have just installed and it can be set to auto update every minute.
  12. Wisebar advance Wisebar skin ultimate launch WeatherPanel Weather panel skin pocket digital clock Spb insight Phone weaver Batter Status Pocket plus Icons for pocket plus Pocket breeze PocketRSS
  13. start - settings - sound and notifications- you can turn the screen pop ups off so they dont wake your phone up I have phone weaver set up so my home profile I do get the pop ups and my outdoors profile I dont get the pop ups. hope this helps.
  14. I had one of the original connectors on my orange Kaiser till it broke, the new Kaiser orange sent in its place has the solid connector.
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