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  1. Oh I found the phone as well last week on the base site and thought it was interesting until I saw what kind of interface zte really uses :unsure: It's been available from february I think. Whenever I'm looking for info about it I always end up on pages for the SF2 which got quite annoying so I lost interest. ZTE really has made a mess of the names.
  2. jrgv

    Orange San Diego Review

    Rumour has it that Mobistar will release the phone in Belgium somewhere in the next few months. However if the French version already has a different model number would it also be a complete different phone? I just hope they keep out the orange stuff like they did with the SF to be honest.
  3. Just downloaded it ready to install second rom for today I've tried that one which looks like iOS but that was really manky. This one looks nice and I hope it's stable
  4. I actually tried that already, because it always worked that way. Now it finaly did the TPT but it didn't do that yesterday which I find strange. But thanks for the advice
  5. Hello, I have the San Fran but the Mobistar one TFT and 3MP. I only put Japenese Jellyfish on it for a long time and I was satisfied with that rom. But I wanted to try something new and did a TPT image but it wouldn't work, so I installed my backup of the stockrom on it. Then I did the TPT converting my gen1 to gen2 and installed CM7.1.0 but I was planning on buying another phone and someone I know was intrested. So I did the TPT that converts from gen2 to gen1 and installed the stock rom again. The person that wanted to buy my phone which I was planning on ditching anyway said she'd rather play safe and buy a new one herself. So I converted it to gen2 again and hoped CM7.1.0 would work the now. Unfortunatelly it still didn't work (couldn't connect to wifi) and I just wanted to go back to gen1 for installing Japanese Jellyfish again. But it seemed that it lost TPT mode which worked fine the first time. I've tried a lot of things already now I've put another gen2 rom on the device (the one that mixed ericson and monte carlo) but that one won't even let me do TPT. The rom also doesn't let me connect to wifi so I think there was something wrong with the TPT image I got from a link of this Forum. Links I used: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1258855 (TPT) http://android.modaco.com/topic/348266-rom-gen-2-monte-ericsson/ (Current Rom who isn't working with WiFi) http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?type=stable&device=blade (CM7.1.0 Rom I used before the current one) I also used clockwork mod for backing up and installing roms.
  6. yeah indeed the guide should be updated. :rolleyes: and what is rom Manager never heard of that :-/ but thanks anyway I am actually happy I didn't brick my phone
  7. Found out what was wrong I installed the newest version of clockwork and it didn't work tried an older one and works fine
  8. it just does nothing but a green android and I need to take out the battery else it won't boot up
  9. And it also doesn't work with the volume held down
  10. Basically with bring it back I meant to the shop. I tried to do it the way it's pinned on the homepage ( the Steven harper uk guide). When I launch zte recovery tool (37b) it says in the guide I need to install the 36b but I can't find that one. Than I go to the recovery tab and I select install recovery than I select clockwork but than beneath there appears a little bar saying Recovery installed : unrecognized. If I hit the firmware and press install firmware it gives me an error. So I tried to factory reset and try again but when it says rebooting the android appears and it looks like it gets stuck at that. There is not yet a custom Rom installed but it's not orange it's mobistar if that says anything
  11. Basically it won't reboot itself and I can't install a costum Rom should I do a TPT or something else I'm really desperate. :) so if you know the answer or can give me a hint what will work please post it here or a link to a topic about this but I already checked and it didn't quite fit my picture
  12. Hi, I bought my zte san francisco a few months ago, I directly installed clokwork on it and zte recovery tool, I was planning on installing a costum rom instantly but than my phone went spazzy so I waited some time to do it and removed everything if I needed to bring it back. now I want to install a custom rom but when I install recovery on the zte recovery tool it says that the recovery is unrecognized, so I update database and I have a custom rom on my SD-card. it says no good files. I now Wanna wipe everything but just the android pops up and that's it when it reboots what now?
  13. I bought my zte blade (San Francisco) yesterday in a Mobistar shop. I am completely new to android and smartphones. how do I root it. maybe you get this question a lot but I can't find it in the search bar on here. (it's gen1 sold with android eclair and has a tft screen I think) -jrg

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