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  1. Well, need buy a china-smartphone :D Medium THL W3+ or big Zopo Leader ZP900, for ex. ;) (220-240$, ICS, 2 core, 1Gb RAM, 5,3" IPS qHD). If it is broken -> then trash it and buy new, with 4.1 JB. :D
  2. You must use this busybox installer by JRummy Apps Inc. Bysubox by Stephen (Stericson) not work properly with TechnoKernel. Restore original kernel in recovery, boot device and install busybox by JRummy, then inside bysubox installer run busybox installation process and after try to flash TechoKernel.
  3. FTP server requires a login and password :angry:
  4. I watched the archive with new drivers adreno 205, for the IСS. I noticed that Qualcomm give not only the files from "/system/lib/egl", but also files from the "/system/lib/" folder. Maybe we should examine the files and drivers from Samsung W and may need something else to upgrade and get even better results? :unsure:
  5. I read what you write .... omg.... :blink: Lens, what happens with you? Spring? :blink: Lens, can you finish this trolling? You are very fat and not fit in my monitor. Soon you and the forum does not fit.
  6. I noticed that background applications sometimes have a strong impact on FPS in various tests. But such dependence does not always occur. I think this is issue OS itself. For maximum FPS you need to manually kill some application. Although it is not good for OS stability. Background applications use some CPU time and rendering tread \ task in Android OS not have a real-time priority then fps slow down.
  7. Lol, Lens. What is so bad about me do you think? <_< :lol: My HP mod does not contain any errors and bugs because they can not contain, in principle. This is understandable when you look at the source code. This bug I found on 2.2 Froyo stock ROM and ask about this bug from Acer in March, 2011. ;) New version GB 2.3 not fix this bug. Link Russian Link English (google translate)
  8. I have a couple of users, and there is some bug. If the Metal connected to any external audio amplifier in 3.5 jack, the phone randomly thinks that I disconnect and connect the 3.5 jack. At this moment, lost in the system tray headphone icon. The switching time of about 2 seconds. If the player does not choose to "stay on pause when removing jack", the sound for a short period of time is directed to an external speaker. If you select "Pause when removing jack," it is paused. From the jack is not independent. I tried about ten different jacks. Can I get this bug, even with just use adapter 3.5 jack to 3.5 jack, on the air. :blink: When I use ANY headphones this bug never happened. Hotline Acer told me to use a different jack. Well, as usual .... :angry: I think it's a hardware bug with different levels of resistance headphones (16 - 32Om) and resistance external amplifier (an over 1KOm). Metal is probably thinking that the jack is not connected because the resistance is too high. Who has the same bug, please write about it here in the thread. (I need a test group for trying to fix a bug). Maybe anybody know about same bugs on other devices and way to resolve this bug.
  9. Try to use LBE Privacy Guard v.2. (Blue icon). I use this tool and have all same blocking permissions with out any needs patching rom and with out any bugs. ;)
  10. All of these add-on sound, image, and something else -> trash. :angry: Why is it so? Because it's not the hardware processing. This software. Any software processing or have a high sound quality and very load system resource or bad quality of sound, but easy load for the system. Logically, the manufacturer will use a simple \easy processing. Otherwise smartphone will lag. Why do you need a marketing low-quality trash? :blink: If you want a good sounding music, then use the player PowerAMP or NeutronMP (IMHO the best sound). There is nothing better than this. These players have the highest quality audio processing. If you need to improve the sound of ringtone -> turn on Dolby Mobile. If you need to improve the sound in games, videos, etc. - Use the built-in EQ GB 2.3. To control can take the Music Volume EQ in market. I recommend not to create a similar theme. ;)
  11. Well, one thing to draw a frame buffer in graphics accelerator, and another thing to send these frames in a matrix screen. When used swapinterval = 0, the graphics accelerator draws frames without waiting for these frames will be taken from the buffer and sent to the matrix. That is, without feedback. Thus, all the frames do not fit into the matrix and do not appear physically, but in the buffer is overwritten with new frames. Yes, you can get over 200 frames per second. But visually it does not improve anything, in fact, it is even getting worse. It is an inverse relationship between painting and its frame and limit our sample to the number of frames per second. We just are not lucky with the matrix and the controller of this matrix. And user HTC 4G too. But....maybe try to much OC mdp core....to 245mhz....вut I do not think it would help.
  12. You can install and Debian too, with any DE. For your choice. ;) About Ubuntu with Android, there is information that source code is available only to developers of devices. Not for everyone. :blink: <_<
  13. Well....we should ready to make a port this ROM? :D
  14. A very weak effect. The result is not worth it.:unsure: And image lost sharpness. <_< Look to surface of stones at bottom image. 2nd image w\o bravia and stones have a more sharpness. Would you like to see this change of colors, try to install a tool from Market - Screen Adjuster and play with the settings. ;) XLoud even do not want to discuss. <_<
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