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  1. ***EDIT*** Nvm this, for some reason it just started working, probably because i just wrote this :b ***EDIT*** Anyone else having problems with auto-rotation? My screen simply wont rotate no matter what app im trying, and the keyboard is a bitch to type on without it. Hopefully this question havent been asked before :)
  2. Not sure if it has been mentioned on this forum but ICS is already booting on the Blade. Although there is still alot of work to be done, looks very slow as of now.
  3. Oh, did not know that :) Im a newbie when it comes to Titanium Backup and that stuff :b Thank you! :)
  4. Ok trying out the 2.3 Meego edition now.. Any idea on how i can unlock Launcher Pro Plus? Nothing happens when i install the unlock. Guess its because its integrated and it wont let me uninstall so i can reinstall it from market either.
  5. Actually it started again lol BUT this time i located the problem, whenever i have WiFi turned on it wont go to deep sleep, with 3G on its fine. Not sure if other roms act like this aswell though, or if its Android in general. Never thought about or even realised it before :)
  6. After a completely fresh install without restoring any backups it seems to sleep just as it should :)
  7. No either one of those buttons pressed by itself wakes it up. And yes i did a full wipe, maybe its something with Titanium Backup, although i didnt restore any system data, only apps. But i´ll try a reinstall with the Dark Green version instead and see if it disappears :)
  8. I noticed i can wake my phone with the Home, Menu and Back buttons in Blade Mix 2.3 Simple, which as far as i know is a sign it wont let the phone enter deep sleep mode and drains battery. Anyone else noticing this? Any fix perhaps? Other than that it seems to be all ok :)
  9. Too late :b But i can always update again :) Any changes besides theme in that one?
  10. Thinking about trying out your rom, looks very nice :) Im not a fan of the circle mod or anything showing the battery percentage so im wondering if there is going to be a version with the regular battery icon or if it is easy to replace? :)
  11. I have searched for some hours now without finding an answer anywhere so i thought i might try here since there are obviously alot ppl here with far more knowledge about android than me :b Whenever i receive a notification for either an sms or mail through Gmail unless i remove it the phone wont go to sleep, the screen stays off but it drains battery like crazy. I loose about 2% battery overnight if nothing happens, but if i receive a sms or mail during the night it has dropped about 50% when i wake up. Is there any way to fix this or will i have to turn off sync? I might have solved the sms drain by disabling the notifications for the stock sms app and using the Go Sms Pro instead. It seems to work but i havent really tried it long enough to make a conclusion. Is it an issue with android or some specific roms? Cause i´ve seen others post about the same problem but no one seems to find a solution.
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