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  1. The white screen is a bug :( Happens sometimes with facebook too... But it usually works if you kill the app and try again :)
  2. Everyhing seems to be working :) Partition sizes are correct. Edit: Yep everything works :) Thanks for making this TPT, my data partition feels huge now(I was using the G2-stock TPT) :)
  3. I can test it for you. :) Just give me about an hour(I'm going to do a nandroid backup first). Edit: Spash image and CWM seems to work. Restoring rom now...
  4. Btw, I've now changed the title of the topic and poll.
  5. You're right about that, but I would still like to have a little discussion about the roms.
  6. I didn't create this topic/poll to start a competition between the devs, I just want people to point out the ups and downs in the different roms so it is easier to choose a rom. Maybe the title is a bit "off", I admit that, but I only want other peoples opinions on different roms.
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