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  1. I there, since the last update (R6) i am having a lot of problems with gps locking position. i have tried some gps fix software and somethimes looks like it's solved but one day or two later....the same someone with same problem?? tks
  2. Hi there, Just made my first donation, great work is been doing here, in my opinion. I have installed cm9 r3 and now cm10 r3, r4, r5 I have one question about this CM10 R5? Why is the 2nd icon on the dock always disappearing ????????????? tks
  3. Hi there i am also running version. I see a repack meta something zip file and the touchhybrid zip file I supposed that is the second one to flash, right? What about the repack meta zip ? is to ignore? I have just installed the latest rom but still i guess its best to install this new cwm. tks
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