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  1. @PaulOBrien i get the following error...ever seen it before or can help? Everything installed correctly and signed into google account fine. Thanks
  2. @PaulOBrien i get the following error...ever seen it before or can help? Everything installed correctly and signed into google account fine. Thanks
  3. Was very tempted myself as dropped out of the one plan just before xmas. with my work discount this could also have 20% off. but not being able to guarantee good internet speeds in Norfolk it's not worth it. NorfolkFTW
  4. Yep ordered. Lots of travelling to and from Australia so this will replace a nexus 5. Hopefully dual sim and that monster battery will be perfect.
  5. This is a REALLY nice mid range phone. Shame no one told the HTC pricing team. Yikes! Think I'll stick to my moto X play
  6. Did the android OS get any updates on the previous device and how likely do you think this will? Be interesting to see how much time you spend across the two OSs.
  7. I have zero confidence in this getting any type of update, which is very different from the moto g which will see at least one fix and one major OS upgrade.
  8. Hi, I've picked this up as a backup phone. Have you been able to find a root method? There is a lot of apps I wouldnt mind removing. Cheers
  9. Alcatel Idol X+ seems to be getting a bit of attention at £170 and has a decent spec. It's great to see these devices coming through. I'm done with locking myself in to long and expensive contracts just to get a decent phone.
  10. My brother had this phone up until recently. I would say the likely cause is ram rather than the ROM. There is so much useless tat that samsung has in the background when you add swiftkey, then facebook and a few other apps which keep running in the background, it slows to a crawl. it helps by going into apps > running and disabling anything you dont use then re-starting. but i'd imagine the best thing is to root and uninstall like there is no tomorrow!
  11. Unless they are pulling the moto g 3g, why would you buy the e instead for £10 less? Emerging markets makes more sense for the e rather than the UK. Sure it will sell well though and it really sends a shot to samsung / huawei / sony on how to make a sub £100 phone
  12. You'd hope with more of their apps and sense being play store driven there is less of a need for a GPe, updates should come much quicker than before. However, I also don't understand why GPe's only come out in the US. Paul, is this something you can shed your knowledge / reasoning on in the next podcast? Thanks!
  13. Am I too late to say I would like to win the google play gift card!?!? Enjoyed the hangout last week. Away next week so I'll have to watch after it's recorded.
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