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  1. What the hell is Open source for...if it's not open! Linus Torvalds would be ashamed. Saying that, the phone has been impecable. Not one FC in nearly a month of constant use, great battery, fast and HD. Root would be the cherry on top.
  2. Andyyy41

    Orange San Diego Review

    This phone is a giant in the field at the moment. I've been running the phone for almost a month now and not once have I even had a FC. It kicks it's predecessors in the arse. Cannot wait for root to see whats inside this beaut.
  3. Andyyy41

    Remove boot animation?

    why not just change the animation to a blank/black picture?
  4. I had this problem too, but I honestly just rebooted and all was ok And by now, im sure you have already done that
  5. Tearing my hair out

  6. Hi, im having trouble finding any Metamorph files compatible with MoDaCo Custom ROM for the ZTE Blade r12. Any links would be much appreciated Andyyy41
  7. Here's how I did it. Download ASTRO FILE MANAGER from the market. You will use this to install the root app. Now download UNIVERSAL ANDROOT from here http://www.addictive...chment_id=41115 Once this has downloaded, pop it onto your SD card and open ASTRO FILE MANAGER. Find the UNIVERSAL ANDROOT file and follow the instructions. Well done, you're phone is now rooted. From here you must download ROM MANAGER from the market. After this, follow these instructions. There's no point in me typing it out when all you need is here. http://android.modac...zte-blade-gen1/ Just a tip, for my first ROM, i chose the MoDaCo custom. Just to get the hang of things. Andyyy41

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