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  1. michael spped

    Lewa OS 4.1.2 ROM

    new package i think. link - http://static.lewate...07.05_75dae.zip i have no problem using this package but i think its a dual sim rom so my network name doesnot show.but else everthing is working this rom is in chinese so you may have to goto settings>language and input>chose english>reboot. Gapps not added. gapps link - http://goo-inside.me/gapps/gapps-jb-20121011-signed.zip
  2. i asked xolo care about this and the boot locker. their response was as simple as ever- Dear Customer, Thank you contacting us. Sir, We can’t officially disclose this info as we do not recommend customers to try doing this. Regards Xolo-Care | www.xolo.in |Contact Us. 1800-30-100-104 (Tollfree) |SMS No. 9650444477 |
  3. this is really a gr8 one.ty again. any possibilities for soft buttons?
  4. when can we xpect the next release. eagerly waiting for it!
  5. ya i got the same issue here.but for that u have to boot with the charging on. then only the charger is recognised. may be it the kernel!!!
  6. 00-------------double post---------------00
  7. ya saw it nw. but flashing it with the superuser solved the problem!!
  8. i think its rooted!! there is a security option in the menu which leads to the superuser!!!!! really nice rom
  9. i think its solely coz of ics gapps!!!i it rebooted 3 times when it started google sync. after that its stabilises. and preety much more then coldfusion. thanks very much. i think its much usuable when not flashed with gapps

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