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  1. Alcatel idol 3, ships with lollipop
  2. Off topic but the Tegra Shield X1 looks amazing for $199, defiantly worth a look. Bringing current gen console games and PC games to android, Looking forward to picking one of these up
  3. I'm also not a fan of big phones, even 5 inch is out of my comfort zone, And since getting an android TV i see even less of a point of a big screen phone / tablet would rather something i can get a good grip of and use with one hand, but these seem to be getting rare Intel powered devices are also not for me, its to much hassle development wise.. :( so the zenfone 2 is definitely not my cup of tea.. still an interesting phone though. I'm personally waiting for the Z4 compact, and hoping it has the same design as the full size Z3 (curved metal body)
  4. The Asus Zenfone 2 looks like a good phone, First phone to have 4GB RAM, intel's latest Soc, Lazer Auto focus and loads more good stuff about it Here is the Press reveal, starting from 199 dollars Amazing phone for the price could be around £160 in uk if conversion is correct... Only bad thing i see is development with it been intel.. but on the plus it ship's with lollipop :) Impressive low light camera comparison First look
  5. anyone ever bought from here before http://vifocal.com/ Seen gizchina mentioning them a few times now and after checking them out they have all the latest phones at lower prices and they accept paypal
  6. The Coolpad F2 4G is looking like the best value china phone right now, it uses the snapdragon 610 (64-Bit) which has the Adreno 405 2GB RAM 5.5 Inch 720p Sony Sensor F/2.0 4G LTE (FDD) Another great thing about it is that its exactly the same phone as micromax's "YU Yureka" which runs CM11s from Cyanogenmod inc and will be kept up to date firmware between these two should be interchangeable http://www.androidbeat.com/2014/12/micromax-unveils-yu-yureka-running-cyanogenmod-11/ supposed to only cost $160 / £103
  7. Obviously is a different build then, Ether way i will have a hudl 2 soon so will have a proper look, will be working on getting TWRP on the thing, and if so that will be to fix his problem, after i repackage the stock ROM
  8. I wouldn't of though so, going off all the stock based development I have done over the years on various devices the "demo mode" has always just been a hidden part of the ROM, plus the screenshot he posted in safe mode does not suggest its a different build. Demo ROM makes no sense to me as every demo mode i have seen to this day has just normally been an app bundled in the factory ROM (ZTE / Huawei / Motorola) Are you just assuming its a Demo ROM ? or has Tesco confirmed this ? if he can get into the settings menu in safe mode I would try disabling some Tesco apps or anything referring to demo mode or factory rest it from > settings / backup & reset. Edit: Here is an example of what I'm talking about http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2419272 Post #7 could also be what's mentioned in post #14, i will have a hudl 2 in few days so will know for sure then
  9. I'm sure "demo mode" is activated and deactivated from the engineering menu (hidden menu) at least its been like that on other devices i have seen but that was on android based smartphones, to which you got into it via a number / symbol combination from the dialler.. not to sure how you would enter it on a tablet :huh: Done a quick Google about entering engineering mode on the hudl and found this http://www.modaco.com/topic/366862-hudl-test-mode-found/ might help if there is no option to turn it off, look for a factory reset option like mentioned in the link above, that might do it...
  10. this is looking good for £144 http://www.banggood.com/UMI-ZERO-5-inch-Android-4_4-MT6592T-2_0GHz-Octa-core-Smartphone-p-945982.html
  11. Ended up getting a Moto X, just until something new comes around
  12. After my experience with the Alcatel one touch idol S I would avoid Alcatel altogether.. Never seen anyone complicate android so much internally... I like Sony but not the design of their phones.. not sure why but my z3 compact feels so crappy in the hand I'm getting rid of it :( not even sure what I can get now that's kind of small.. Surely I'm not the only one who wants a smaller phone ???
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