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  1. Anyone on a non supported device get SMS notifications on fb home and not just notification bar?
  2. Hey Eggy, do you think you could make an egg energy caffeine Miuiv4 theme? Or a caffeine version of miui?
  3. Awesome build I love your work :-), the only error i am getting it Video cannot be played from video recorded videos
  4. yes I found I need quick pic, but as for bt I have nothing to test with
  5. It us kinda neat, hopefully it can be fully ported
  6. I find it works great for battery and everything except recording 1080p
  7. Works for me sometimes when playing a video it will stop and say can't be played
  8. Yes and no. Yes as in I can select themes but no because there aren't any v4 themes so not everything changes
  9. I tried downloading Quick pic from Market and I can view them
  10. Anyone have it where it says no thumbnail when trying to view a picture in Gallery? Only videos and screenshots seem to work. I downloaded Quickpic and I can see them
  11. Were you able to change it? If I try to change to 1944 Mhz I get a reboot
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