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  1. I dont think so Samsung India officially released wm 6.5 rom yet. am very very very angry and disappoint on samsung they are simply sitting and good for ..... there is no any official press release regarding official press release to update wm 6.1 to 6.5 if so when? how? my Mob info below: PDA: B7610DDIJ3 CSC: B7610INUIJ3 PHONE: B7610XXIJ4 I bet you there will be no any official wm6.5 rom released yet and through all the B7610 in India. If anyone have pls goahead and share else dont circulate roumer and dont waste time.....
  2. Hi,

    I have cited your post in Modaco regarding the official release of wm 6.5 rom for b7610. Pls share with me the link to [email protected]

  3. Guys. am disappoint on searching official rom 6.5 to my b7610. I got to see several roms in modaco and doesnt know how to flash. It would be most appreciated if you could share with me this rom 6.5 with link and screenshot as how to install. Looking forward to your earliest response in this regards.
  4. am getting disappoint on searching update for b7160 in mob as well as in web, doesnt know why samsung taking tooooooooooooo long time to release the update to 6.5 rom what they r doing tillllll????????? am a hoodwink of purchasing this handset by expecting 6.5 rom??? what was the solution for this??? "this is my reasonable expression"
  5. did u think samsung going to release official WM 6.5 rom? i dont think so
  6. Guys - Anyone pls share me the link to download Android Rom for Samsung Omina Pro B7610 with installation note pls? I was searched top to bottom and I dont think so the Rom will be available for my B7160. I can also see couple of Rom's along with some issues All your reply and posting will be highly appreciated
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