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  1. i know and i appreciate all the work you putting in..that too alone..i wish i could contribute, but i am no developer nor do i have any intentions of being one..:-)..with the kind of low performance of the resistive touch of the racer, iam actually thinking of switching to a better phone..samsung ace maybe? i think you guys have already done the max that could be done to bring up the performance of this phone..
  2. its a pitty because this rom is good...i dont quite follow the chinese website and this is despite using the google translator..:-(
  3. Hey equiliym..will you continue releasing roms for this make?
  4. Thanks buddy..i havent tried the rom yet but will surely give it a shot today..:-)
  5. so far cm settings and mail..i reverted to the previous nightly as i needed to get back to a working rom..btw i should share that i didnt do a complete wipe.
  6. thanks for the upload racerboy..i flashed the latest nightly and started getting freequent fcs. rebooted the phone hoping that it might fix, but it didnt. are you facing the same problem?
  7. Dude, rules of the forum are not to ask for ETAs..
  8. thanks..i did experiment with older camera apk, but either got the same result or the install didnt take place at all...:-)
  9. yeah the restart helped..but you know the zoom functionality is still very slow..:-(..also, while switching between still and video mode, i am getting fcs..but if i select 'wait' option instead of 'force close', the application works as normal.
  10. this is a good rom. so far i have noticed that when you try to open the camera application, the screen display becomes green for 1-2 secs before it resumes the cam display. also, just like few of the recent releases, the zoom functionality of the camera is really really slow...not a show stopper, but thought of bringing it up here.
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